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Cruz Religious liberty rally

Ted Cruz’s Rally for Religious Liberty Wasn’t a Campaign Event: It Was an American Revival


[From Steve Deace’s Facebook page]

Tonight I attended the best candidate event I’ve ever attended in Iowa, and the candidate wasn’t even the main event.

The Holy Spirit was.

We’re hearing a lot from candidates these days about the need for revival, but Ted Cruz is the first candidate I’ve ever seen put on an event trying to ignite one.

Tonight’s rally for religious liberty was moving, challenging, convicting, and entertaining. Tears were shed for those persecuted for their faith, but there was also joy at the end as the Newsboys brought the house down to close it out. Reminding us at the end that God’s not dead.

Mere campaigns aren’t capable of this kind of event — only movements.

The Cruz team, including state director Bryan English, should be very proud of this effort. But humbled as well, because they clearly have something more than a presidential campaign on their hands now. They have a mission.

Tonight’s spectacle confirmed we made the right decision to support Cruz and do so early. There’s never been an event like this for a candidate in Iowa, and it seriously ups the ante on the other campaigns.

The price of poker just went up. Cruz 2016 ain’t playing.


Follow up comments on Steve’s post:

Brad: Steve, I was sitting two rows behind you, after coming up from Alabama. What an incredible event! Sort of like a church service, but with truth restored (at least a lot of churches seem to have compromised their message with our liberal times)!

Kathleen: Ted Cruz had me at hello months ago. Just hearing him speak and how he treats you one on one, speaks volumes to his character and integrity. Ted Cruz is a Godly man, with brilliance and knowledge to restore hope to America. Real Hope!

Thomas: I’ve got to admit, I was blown away by this event. I have NEVER seen anything like this before in terms of a political event. Knowing how TOXIC Christianity has become to politics, Cruz has put himself fully out there for God to do whatever God intends to do. In Mobile, Alabama another guy held an event that ran 20,000 strong and has been the talk of the Conservative and secular world. Cruz’s event? Barely makes the news. The Live Stream only got up to perhaps 270 at the most, yet the stark differences between the two events is absolutely undeniable. One is a walking ego trip, the other a man of principle and a proven leader. In this moment in history, when the world is reeling economically; ISIS is imposing its will all over Iraq; the border is wide open with illegals flaunting their disdain for our laws; with domestic attacks on our soil by homegrown terrorists; religious liberty is under attack; regulations are destroying energy industries; ObamaCare is burdening Americans – and on and on – is it time to elect yet another guy that wants to bloviate all over us about what he will do, when his profile reads like a DNC spokesperson? Use your brain America. Cruz is the leader for our time. We can’t allow the lofos to do this to us again. We can’t afford it as a nation.’ We are on the brink. Choose wisely.

Karen: It was an incredible event to watch. I was so inspired!

Paul: It was a great evening. Never experienced anything like it. Straight talk express




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