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Will We Leave Pronoun Insanity to Our Children?


Target has announced that stores will no longer separate toys and bedding into different boy and girl sections. Why? Because every child deserves a confusing and colorless childhood, don’t you think?

And genderless. This is supposed to be progress, so let’s all cheer.

The L.A. Times reports that California will pay for sex change surgery for a male prison inmate, the first state in the country to do so. The Times wrote:

“The state concedes that Shiloh Quine, who entered the California prison system in 1980 as Rodney, suffers severe gender dysphoria that can be treated only by physically conforming her body to her psychological gender.”

Where is the “her” in this story? This is a guy named Rodney. But new editorial guidelines suggest that reporters refer to the subjects of their stories by the pronouns they desire, no matter how unrelated to reality.

At Brashear High School in Pittsburgh, the administration has no tolerance … for truth. A recent article tells the story:

“Transgender students may choose the name they put on their ID and the gender pronouns that their teachers and peers use to refer to them. Locker rooms are treated the same as bathrooms. In the spring, Brashear’s prom dress code was not gender specific, setting out guidelines for suits and dresses, rather than male and female dress.”

Does it ever occur to these anarchists that they are doing no favors to students? Our youth need guidance, not bizarre rules that defy common sense.

But it’s also happening at the highest levels in our country: the military. We Americans are supposed to remain calm and serene as a brigadier general introduced “his” husband at a Pentagon June “gay pride” event.

What? The Pentagon is celebrating sodomy as marriage? Yes, unfortunately.

A 16-year-old girl – who insists she’s a boy named Gavin– has a Virginia school system in an uproar because “he” [she] wants boy bathroom privileges. The ACLU is there to back “him” up as the usual harassment lawsuit has been filed to demand “equality.”

The good news is that a judge recently declined granting an injunction to force the school to let this GIRL use the boys’ room.

Are you throwing up yet?

What this girl and her misguided family truly need is a stern rebuke. She’s not happy to be a young woman in today’s America? There are hundreds of thousands of Third World GIRLS who would give anything to trade places with her.

It matters what the meaning of “she” is. As a woman, I have a vested interest in pronoun integrity throughout public communications, not to mention truth in general. So does every man. So do future generations of our children and grandchildren.

Our daughters are not sons. Our sons are not daughters. Our husbands are not wives. Mothers are not fathers. Dogs are not cats. We live in America, not Mongolia. And my savior is Jesus Christ, not Allah, who is certainly not all that akbar.

Truth matters, and apparently we need to be defending even the most elemental facts.

The next time you hear a so-called journalist or government official refer to any male like Bruce Jenner as “she,” please scream, then blast an email to demand that truth be told.

Our children deserve a heritage of sane pronouns.

If reporters aspire to a higher plane than naked propaganda, they need to stop inventing gender fables and describe objectively verifiable attributes of actual people.

Responsible journalists don’t make up the street addresses and ages of people for news reporting. Why invent gender? This popular mythology is no more justifiable than picking new names for people, variable facts in a police investigation, or inventing witnesses to crime who don’t exist.

And if political leaders want to be taken seriously, they dare not change this most basic of realities. What changes next? Social Security number? Birth date? Latest bank deposit? Where does the revisionism end?

Rachel Dolezal (the white female claiming to be “black”) actually did us a huge favor by painting a clear picture about how this delusion is unfolding. It’s rising in credibility among the low-information human in today’s America. The surest method for bursting the balloon of acceptable pretense is through the collision of cultural common sense.

Bruce Jenner is a guy. So is American traitor Bradley (not “Chelsea”) Manning. So are “Laverne” Cox, confused star of “Orange is the New Black,” and “Jazz” Jennings, teen TV personality. These are males – and the use of female names and pronouns is untrue, inappropriate, cruel, disrespectful and hypocritical.

Chastity Bono is a woman, not a troubled “man” called “Chaz.” There is no “he” in the reality of this person’s life, only in her public mask.

What is the problem with claiming one’s authentic sex? There’s one tragic explanation for such pervasive delusion: Demonic deception may be active in the lives of these people and their advocates. Prayers are needed instead of lies.

A DNA test would validate any pronoun choice. Dr. “Marissa” Levine, health commissioner in Virginia, is actually Mark. The physician general of Pennsylvania is a homosexual activist guy posing as a woman, Dr. “Rachel” Levine. Are these fellows brothers, by any chance?

Here’s a troubling thought: If “she” is no longer a “she,” then is an unwanted pregnancy just a figment of one’s imagination and not a real baby human? No, but Planned Parenthood has been conducting this charade for decades.

So what if we imagine there are no longer places called “abortion clinics”? I could support that fantasy – more like a dream come true. And of course, no taxpayer funding can be paid to places that don’t exist.

And the good news is that we might thereby preserve something real and valuable for the future: human beings, complete with actual genders, appropriate pronouns and all.

God would smile.



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