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Impeach the Anti-Christian Usurper Now!


My column from this past weekend outlined why I believe that Barrack Obama is an anti-Christ – if not the anti-Christ. The intent of the article was to remind Christians about the plight of fellow Christian brother imprisoned in Iran – Pastor Saeed – and to lay blame directly were it belongs: with the anti-Christian Usurper.

But, it bears repeating.

In fact, I think questioning the anti-Christian nature of Obama bears repeating repeatedly, because it deserves serious consideration by American Evangelicals.

Why do I say this?

Christians know we live in a world which does not belong to the political establishment. It belongs to the King of kings, Jesus Christ. And therefore, as citizen’s of His divine realm, it behooves us (to use the King’s vernacular) to repent of our complicity in the rise, coronation and preservation of the anti-Christian Usurper’s clutches on power.

The fact is, and I can only speak anecdotally (I wish I had statistical data) many “so-called” evangelicals were swept up with the frenzy of “Hope and Change” and voted for the Usurper.

Unfortunately, we probably know a handful of Christians who voted for Obama and now realize their error.  As they say, “I’m ashamed to admit. I voted for Obama.”

Ashamed they should be. But let’s not dwell on the past. What we should scrutinize is our continued collective complicity in his presidency.


Our collective complicity doesn’t necessarily come in the form of material aid or support for Obama. It comes in the form of “apathy” sanctioned under the guise of being “spiritually minded” or just plain indifferent.

Case in point.

The other day I was talking to a young Christian woman who told me she doesn’t like Obama, but then added that she’s doesn’t have “time to concern herself with all this political stuff.” She’s just so, how did she put it, ”In love with Jesus.”

Such piety.

Another Christian gentlemen, a well mannered and very intelligent, offered this view: “Well, he’s a lame duck president now. His term is almost done. What more can he do?”

Are you kidding me?

Our apathy – whether it is of the indifferent strand or garbed in the cloak of “piety” is deeply entrenched in the Evangelical community. It’s precisely this form of complicity that ensures the Usurper’s continued anti-Christian tyranny.

When you consider that Obama has more then 18 months left. And add to his remaining tenure the fact that his cheerleaders in the media are busy scrutinizing Trump, the other GOP candidates and the unavoidable Clinton email debacle, you have the best possible cover.

Under this new “blinded-by-the-change” media groupies have given the Usurper the cover of relative darkness to step up his anti-Christian bigotry, marshall his agenda to reverse decades of American’s Christian English Common Law tradition and continue to support and give material aid to Islamic extremists.

Consider how much more damage he can reek both domestically and internationally.

“But he’s needs our prayers not our condemnation! He needs to be saved! Besides we aren’t fighting flesh and blood. We fighting principalities and powers in dark places.”

I wonder how many of you pray for Satan? Seriously, all kidding aside, does anyone seriously pray for the salvation of Satan?

How dare I equate Obama to Satan?

Yes, Obama is just a man. But in our modern era no leader of prominence has managed a rise to such heights with absolutely no qualifying credentials whatsoever.

No one!

How do you explain the Usurper’s rise to power other then that “principalities and powers of darkness” have coalesced around his person, around his administration, aided his efforts, breathed intellectual life to his policy, guided him, enabling him and worked an uncanny level of success and global veneration?

How is Satan not the source of it all?

Sure the comparison is unnerving to any reasonable person. But it’s unnerving precisely because it is impossible to ignore.

And consider the result of this demonic rise. Unlike any president of the modern area Obama has used his power to rail against the moral underpinnings of America’s Christian heritage, mock Christians, rebuke Christians, trivialized Christian teaching and turn a blind eye to the persecution of Christians all the while aiding Islamists.

And yet Christians continue to be apathetic about the Usurper’s tenure.

But its not simply a passive complicity that implicates us in the evil that now grips the nation. Many of us give credence to the growing mythology about Obama.

The mythology that says Obama is simply a “misguided progressive” or a “liberal secularist” or an “egotistical power grubber.” Countless pundits echo this ridiculous notion and Christians are complicit in echoing it – what is it about our inability to name the evil for what it is?

To explain away Obama’s manifest and manifold political evil as “he’s just mistakenly arrogant” trivializes the very real evil that surrounds his entire presidency.

Or take prognosticators like Glenn Beck (who’s just released a new book: It’s All About Islam) who know Obama is a serous threat but actually believe that our attention should be with the terrorist on foreign soil, rather then with the Usurper who currently occupies the Oval Office.

Of course ISIS is a problem, but who do you think empowers them?

Who is the closest most powerful jihadist in America today?

I implore Christians, conservatives and patriots everywhere. Stop with the passive complicity. Stop focusing on the evils abroad when we have a very real present evil here. And stop anticipating a smooth transfer of power from Obama to whomever.

Obama is not your average or normal president. Obama is the threat! He is the enemy that occupies the seat of our government and trust me, he not go away peaceably.

If at all possible impeach the Usurper now!


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