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Obama’s Endgame Revisited…


I finally had an opportunity to watch Dinesh D’Souza’s 2016: Obama’s America (which was released theatrically in the summer of 2012) and I must say that I was completely blown away…

It’s not that I was surprised by the information put forth by D’Souza to support the idea that President Obama is an anti-American, anti-Colonial, pseudo-Commie. The evidences supporting these realities had been uncovered well before his first presidential nomination.

But to witness how thoroughly and methodically Obama had been groomed to become the divisive and transformative leader of our great nation was utterly fascinating and completely demoralizing.

D’Souza’s predictions for a second Obama term are dramatically unfolding before our eyes, including his indifference to Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, his willingness to weaken our military and overall national security, and his recklessly irresponsible fiscal policy.

One of the surprisingly poignant moments in the film was D’Souza’s open exchange with the poverty stricken, ‘pro-colonialist,’ George Obama – a vulnerable, soft-spoken man who has been forsaken by his half-brother due to the president’s disdain for George’s right-leaning tendencies. Ultimately, it seems Obama prefers to even the international playing field at the expense of the nation he governs – talk about your ultimate conflict of interest (as well as the interests of those he’s been elected to represent).

I’m left to wonder, where have all the reasonable Democrats gone?

Are they so blinded by the media hype that they cannot see the consequences of our President’s destructive governing philosophy? 

I don’t look to disparage our president; I wish it were otherwise.

However, I refuse to turn a blind eye to what has been set before us.

I pray that The Lord above may take hold of his soul and alter his course. Regardless, the future lies in HIS Perfect Hands.



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