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I Was Right — Gay Black Men are Given a Big Advantage Over Men of Color Who Sleep with Women


Read this article, which is fascinating: Study: Gay Black Men Are Feared Less By Corporate America, Offered Strong Salaries.

Gay black men are more likely to be offered salaries en par with white men, opposed to black men who are not gay, who tend to be offered salaries far below average.

I have been saying this is true for a long time. Rich whites hate men of color who sleep with women, since we scare them with the possibility of breeding more people of color, competing with them for available females, and possibly sleeping with their daughters!

The gay man of color is a special kind of trophy in the LGBT world, a figure of both charm and status for aging wealthy white men. If you’re black or Latino, come out as gay and you will find a sugar daddy very soon — then comes the assimilationist adaptations to white social behaviors, greater access to white institutions, and an increasingly feminized (and usually whiter) affect, which puts white people at ease and makes them more comfortable having you around in the office.

If you are a man of color and you start sleeping with women, a few things happen:

1. You get women pregnant and have to start dealing with crying babies and kid problems, plus a mother’s demands and arguments. This means less time at the office, social club, or cocktail parties where you get to meet wealthy white gays with high positions in corporate America.

2. White America realizes you have the capacity to sleep with women, and they become wary and distrustful. Your jokes aren’t delightful anymore — they are threatening and uncouth.

3. You start gaining straight-man dad weight, with love handles and if you are really unlucky, a double chin. Wealthy gay men not only see that you are not available on the LGBT dating market, but also you are no longer attractive according to gay male standards. So you lose your in with the people in the corporate circles who might give you a heads up, if you’re gay.

4. You start having to be the protector and provider for women and children, so you become increasingly, even unwittingly, manly in your behavior. There’s a fighter instinct triggered in you. This comes across as someone who can’t be manipulated or easily cowed. Powerful people in the power structure start looking around for a gay man of color they can mold and control.

If you think I’m crazy, remember — I am bisexual. This is one topic I am DEFINITELY an expert on.


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