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Kathie Lee on Husband Frank’s Faith and Hard Work: ‘He Never Had an Entitled Moment in His Life’

Editor’s note: Many people know of Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford. But not everyone knows who they REALLY were. Kathie Lee was the spunky co-host of “Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee” for 15 years. Perpetually sunny, wearing her heart and emotions on her sleeve, she often shared stories about Frank and the kids, and every telling was colored with an abundance of faith and love. Kathie Lee lost her best friend, her husband of 29 years, a week ago Sunday. Yesterday Kathie Lee appeared on the Today show and gave a loving tribute of her Frank, a man who had asked Jesus into his heart as a little boy, and died with the assurance his sins were forgiven and his hope was heaven. Tami Jackson


By Cortney O’Brien

NFL star Frank Gifford’s death on Aug. 9 was mourned by sports fans worldwide. The famed New York Giants player played three different field positions, was inducted in the team’s Hall of Fame, and also managed to earn an impressive career in the broadcast booth.

For the first time since her late husband’s death, Kathie Lee Gifford returned to the Today Show and dedicated a moving 8-minute tribute to him. Three characteristics she used to describe her husband, were his faith in God, his humility, and his emphasis on hard work.

Kathie Lee recounted how Frank grew up during the Great Depression and at times found himself reduced to eating dog food. She said this abject poverty taught him to be grateful for everything he had:

“He knew what it was like to be hungry,” she said. “He knew what it was like to have literally no clothes on his back….They had nothing but they had their faith.”

The faith he cherished as a child, she said, molded how he lived the rest of his life.

“That remained with him for the rest of his life. He strayed from his faith on occasion but his faith never left him,” she said. “His world got smaller as his God got bigger and he’d want you to know that, that he died in complete peace. He knew every sin he committed was forgiven.”

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