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Miraculous You


Editor’s note: I would add one small, but vitally important observation to Stacy’s excellent little commentary. King David wrote in Psalm 139:14 “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” We are scientifically a miracle. And each person conceived is a miracle of God’s design. Our intrinsic value comes from our Creator. Tami Jackson


If you are ever discouraged by failure or the disadvantages you face in life, consider what the odds were against you ever existing:

Scientists calculated the probability of your existing as you, today, at about one in 400 trillion.

Some factors taken to reach this figure include the chances of your biological parents meeting and mating, probability of fertilization, and the survival rate of a fertilized egg.

Your mere existence is in some sense miraculous, and the fact that you are alive today and able to read this is testimony to your ability to overcome enormous odds.

You are a survivor, and all your ancestors were survivors, too, or otherwise you wouldn’t even be alive today. Not only do you exist, but you are literate and have access to the amazing technology of the Internet, which empowers you in ways that your ancestors never could have imagined.

You have enormous opportunities, and there is no reason to despair.

No matter what disappointments you may experience in life, never quit. Never surrender. Never lose hope.

You’re already a winner. Science proves it.

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