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Obama Sleeping

The unPresident and the Sleazy Secretary of State


Again we hear the news: ISIS beheads children, slaughters civilians, rapes little girls, uses mustard gas, executes fellow Muslims with explosives, recruits for global jihad, commits genocide against Christians, threatens the U.S. with annihilation, sparks terror attacks in Europe and America.

And what do we hear from BHO?


What do we hear from his former secretary of state, now a candidate for president?


Disgraceful. Shameful. Disgusting. Humiliating.

There are no words sufficient to condemn BHO and HRC. They are completely responsible for the collapse in Iraq, for the rise of ISIS, for the mayhem throughout the Middle East, for the destruction of our relations with allies in the region, and for the expansion of Iranian influence, violence, terrorism, and war, never mind the idiotic nuclear deal.

In truth these two career agitators have the blood of hundreds of thousands of people on their hands. While the two of them were busy destroying our country and lining their own pockets, men, women and children have been splattered all over the world map, for years.

Given the weak, cowardly and retreating foreign policy of these two hippified narcissists, old rivals are emboldened. China and Russia advance, aggress, attack and undermine, without resistance from the White House. Cuba runs circles around us, demanding money, concessions and deals, giving nothing while increasing human rights abuses.

The U.S. response: ‘normalizing’ relations, and empty rhetoric. Mexico floods our country with criminals, Americans are killed, and BHO complains about voter ID, even as he breaks the law encouraging more illegality. Despicable.

Even more despicable, Republicans who accommodate these great evils.  The U.S. government is little more than a criminal enterprise run by cowards, traitors and profiteers.

The blood of beheaded and aborted children cries out from the ground, and the Great Judge of the universe will surely repay.


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