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Mike Huckabee Reveals the Pretty Insightful Reason Why He Refuses to Bash Donald Trump

By Demetrius Minor

Donald Trump is currently leading the GOP presidential field, so that makes him the most likely candidate to be attacked by the others in the race.

One GOP contender isn’t falling for the temptation. Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee is refusing to go after Donald Trump, because he may need him for a crucial favor:

Why should I attack him? Donald Trump may be the guy I’m going to look to for support when I get [the] nomination. No way it makes any sense to attack somebody else on the ballot because we need to see ourselves as members of the same team trying out for the same position and I don’t see any value in trying to tell people what is wrong with Donald Trump.

Huckabee, winner of the 2008 Iowa caucus, thinks it works against Republicans to attack their primary rivals and not the Democratic opposition:

“And I think Republicans have made big mistakes in the past by eating each other alive in the primary, and then we have a totally ravaged candidate that goes up against the Democrat.”

A Suffolk University poll currently shows Huckabee lacking traction in Iowa, evident of only a 2% show of support.

First published at IJ Review


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