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Obama and Satanists Share These Beliefs


Obama and his fellow autotheists (self-worshipers) are vigorously defending the sacrificing of babies, and this combined with the autotheists’ evangelization of same-sex relations means they share beliefs with Satanists who also hold these two evils as their most sacred tenets.

People chanted, “Hail, Satan!” in support of abortion in 2014. They weren’t ashamed of this, either. Indeed, National Journal rushed to defend both those chanting in support of Satan and actual Satanists.

And then in 2015 Satanists sued on behalf of abortion.

Raw Story published a story on it. Think Progress did too, with a headline of, “Satanists Seize On Hobby Lobby To Test The Limit Of Religious Freedom.” Salon went with, “Satanist challenges Missouri’s 72-hour abortion wait: It’s ‘a burden on my sincerely held religious beliefs.’” And the Frisky went with, “‘Satanist’ Missouri Woman Invokes “Religious Freedom” To Have Abortion Without Waiting 72 Hours.”

Jenny Kutner of Salon and Kay Steiger of Think Progress both tweeted about this story as well.

Obama is also passionate about abortion. Many people remember he wanted God to bless Planned Parenthood in 2013. But he also said in 2012, “But if the price of peace in Washington is cutting deals that will kick students off of financial aid, or get rid of funding for Planned Parenthood, or eliminate health care for millions on Medicaid who are poor, or elderly, or disabled, just to give a millionaire a tax cut, I’m not having it.”

Even as videos pour out showing just how demonic abortion is, Obama and his fellow autotheists remain united in supporting Planned Parenthood and the slaughter of babies. Likewise, Satanists remain steadfast in their support for abortion.

Then there is the same-sex agenda. Autotheists and Satanists share common ground on this as well. Evangelizing this evil is one of the top priorities of Obama, with the U.S. focusing on spreading it through the world. Meanwhile, deviant sex is so important to Satanists that they view it as a “sacrament” and they engage in it when unveiling satanic statues.

There is a war going on in America. Obama, his fellow autotheists, and Satanists have declared there is no price too steep to pay for their tenets of abortion and deviant sex.

Now is the time for the rest of America to recognize this and to take a stand against them—a stand that says no price is too great to pay to defeat these evils.


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