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Kelly Question

Kelly Attacks Trump…Trump Berated for Responding


Megyn Kelly, who has apparently come out of the closet in order to let us know that she can be as much of a leftie as her colleague Chris Wallace, and certainly her friends at CNN and MSNBC, she asked debate questions and made several scathing comments that could have been devastating to Trump and ended his candidacy. Kelly would then — ostensibly — have the leftist street creds to laughingly say to friends at in-home and other cocktail parties…”I took him out!”

That is, she could have…if the “facts” about one of the question/comments she made had been true in nature. But…they were not.

Note: If it helps their cause, Leftists are seldom to never concerned about facts. But, most of the American people still are.

Kelly, once one of my favorite news anchors, is no longer thoroughly checking her source material. In times past when anchors played fast and loose with the facts in order to satisfy their own and/or their network’s agenda, that would mean being fired from their job. Remember what happened to über-liberal Dan Rather? If not, look it up.

What occurred with Kelly’s castigation of Trump is this. On the Celebrity Apprentice show, Bret Michaels told Trump that his teammate Brande Rodereick had gotten down on her knees and told him (regarding some role she was to play on the team) “I passionately want to do this.” Trump, a bit incredulous, asked Michaels if she had really gotten down on her knees. Michaels said yes and Trump along others in the room laughed “I’d like to have seen that.” That was it. You can see the full video.

Folks, this is beyond the pale. This is what once-honorable people have fallen into—destroying for the sake of gaining notoriety for themselves.

And, as we saw last Thursday night, these behaviors are no longer only practiced by the Democrats. The Left-Wing of the Republican Party and its minions are now doing the same. Now, even they are willing to sell what’s left of their souls for a little applause from their less-than-honorable colleagues and—likely–a pay raise. And with this behavior at the debate (a “debate” that was between the media and the candidates) Fox News is now solidly in the Marxist/Islamo-Nazi camp with the other cable channels. And Trump’s understandable and reasonable response to Megyn’s attack with false claims is now the one being vilified by the leftist media!

Is the USA still worth saving? More and more, I find that I’m asking myself that question.

Commandment IX: “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour”


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