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What the World Needs Now! Smarter Mice


Defenders of Planned Parenthood, your friendly neighborhood baby-butchers, say it’s okay for PP to sell off baby parts because they’ll be used in “medical research” that will benefit the entire human race.

How do they propose to benefit us? What kind of research are they doing?

Well, one of their little science experiments is to inject brain cells from aborted babies into mice. This is being done by scientists, if we may call them that, at the University of Rochester. Supposedly it makes the mice smarter by “improving the efficiency” of their brains.

I thought this story was a hoax at first, but apparently it’s true.

Speaking as someone who has had many a pet mouse, it’s been my experience that mice are already plenty smart. The average mouse only lives about a year and a half; and you’d be amazed by how much they can learn, and how fast they can learn it, in that little time. A year-old mouse is much smarter than a year-old human. In fact, it’s smarter than some high school kids I’ve known.

Mice are limited by their short life-spans. If a mouse could live ten years, it would learn to read and write and probably wind up in Congress.

“Scientific research” to make mice smarter–well, really, how good an idea is that?

Reepicheep lives.


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