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Caleb and Rick Perry

Gov. Rick Perry Tells Bloggers about a Family Reunited with A Fallen Warrior’s Best Friend

Editor’s note: Caleb Howe is a good friend, a former Marine (actually, once a Marine always a Marine), a blogger and Conservative with great and wry humor. I have such a heart for our military and for those marvelous K-9’s that serve and save lives, so this poignant story touches my heart.

[Reprint with permission]

By Caleb Howe

At the RedState Gathering, Gov. Rick Perry took time out to meet with a small group of bloggers and RedState front page contributors, where he talked casually with the group about a variety of topics both political and normal.

I had the chance to speak with him, and we talked about various military topics. The Governor then told us a story that is both sad and uplifting about a warrior, the dog he loved, and the family he left behind.

Kemberlee Kaye from Legal Insurrection and Moe Lane of Redstate caught video of the moment. (The color clears up at the thirty second mark.)

A sad story, but a good story. How very true.

Semper Fi, Devil Dogs.

First published at Red State


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