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John Kasich for president

Is Kasich Really Pro-Life?


(1 min Audio Report – Faith2Action)


Is Kasich Really Pro-Life?

Tonight at the Presidential Debate you may hear some nice pro-life rhetoric. But, outside the arena where the debate is being held, signs such as, “Pro-life Ohioans against John Kasich” will be displayed.

Why? Because Governor John Kasich could protect an arena full of children each year — 20,000 lives — the same amount as a capacity crowd at the arena where the debate is being held. Those lives would be protected if only John Kasich would call for passage of the Heartbeat Bill instead of working against it.

Ask Governor Kasich to call for passage of the pro-life Heartbeat Bill or quit calling himself pro-life at 614-466-3555 that’s: 614-466-3555


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