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Mystic Liberal Incantations and the Mind’s Annihilation


Like Marxism and fascism, liberalism is a Godless creed.

Despite its secular nature, it has many of the attributes of traditional religion, including a dogma, a vision of salvation and damnation and a priesthood – chief among them the mainstream media.

It also has ritual incantations to cover any situation.

A classic example was Hillary Clinton’s response to the videos showing Planned Parenthood officials gloating over how much they could get by selling fetal body parts. On Wednesday, the former Secretary of State confessed: “I have seen the pictures from them (the undercover videos) and obviously find them disturbing,” as what sane person would not.

In less than 24 hours, she had recanted and was tweeting that she was “Proud to stand w/Planned Parenthood & for access to quality, affordable healthcare for women, men & young people” – period, end of story. Among other quality and affordable services rendered, Planned Parenthood Federation of America performs one-third of all abortions in this country and received $540.6 million from all levels of government in 2013, according to its annual report.

What, you may ask, does “quality, affordable healthcare” have to do with a Planned Parenthood employee sorting out the body parts of a dissected child exclaiming “another boy,” “five stars!” (“it’s a baby… here’s the heart… do people want to do stuff with the eyeballs?”), discussing the superiority of second-trimester abortions (when there’s more “fetal tissue” to sell), or the medical director of one clinic, in anticipation of her profits, declaring, “I want a Lamborghini”?

Rather than address this directly, the leading contender for the Democratic presidential nomination tells us she’s proud to stand with the PPFA ghouls, because she believes in “quality, affordable, healthcare” for all – as opposed to those candidates who believe in inferior, overpriced healthcare?

A week earlier, Clinton’s former boss was in Kenya, lecturing Africans on their obligation to legalize “same-sex marriage.” Kenyans reacted by threatening to take away his citizenship.

People are entitled to their religious beliefs, Obama generously allowed. “But when it comes to how the state treats people, I believe that everybody has to be treated equally. I don’t believe in discrimination of any sort.”

Really? Does the president believe that a 40-year-old man and a 14-year-old girl who want to marry must be treated the same as two consenting adults? In fact the president and his allies are very much in favor of discrimination – against Christians who refuse to participate in the travesty. To paraphrase the Soup Nazi from “Seinfeld,” “No equality for you!”

“Black lives matter!” is another incantation in vogue.

Not all black lives of course, only the lives of black suspects who are shot by white cops, whether or not said homicide is justified. This incantation is used to advance the proposition that the police are homicidal racists (and because America itself is racist) who never miss an opportunity to gun down an innocent black man in cold blood.

Cited as an example of the homicidal rage of police officers is the shooting death of Michael Brown (AKA, “the gentle giant”) in Ferguson, Missouri last year. Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed the mammoth thug who had just committed a strong-arm robbery and was assaulting him and trying to grab his gun – at least, that’s what a grand jury decided when it refused to indict Wilson, a view shared by the Obama Justice Department, when it cleared him of civil rights charges.

Do the lives of the 90% of black victims who are murdered by black offenders matter? How about the 16% of whites who are murdered by blacks (compared to the 7% of black victims who are killed by whites)? Of those who die annually in confrontations with the police, 49% are white and 30% black. Adjusted for population and racial murder rates, whites are 1.7 times more likely to be killed by cops than African Americans.

Ohio State Senator Bill Patmon (who’s black and a Democrat) is sponsoring a bill to defund PPFA in the Buckeye state. He notes that in Cuyahoga County, which he represents, 5,499 abortions were performed last year, 63% of them on black women. So, Patmon logically inquires, why aren’t the black-lives-matter crowd protesting “in front of Planned Parenthood” abortion facilities?

In a 2008 sting operation, Lila Rose’s Live Action called Planned Parenthood’s affordable, quality health centers in Oklahoma and New Mexico, posing as donors who asked if their donation could be dedicated to aborting black babies. “We definitely can designate it for an African-American,” came one response. The organization’s founder, Margaret Sanger, once warned, “We do not want the word to go out that we want to eliminate the Negro population.”

For liberals, deaths only matter when they can be used to indict racist America or attack the private ownership of firearms. After every mass shooting, the president expresses frustration at his inability to ram what’s called meaningful gun control through Congress. It’s assumed that due to the wicked NRA, gun control is a goal yet to be realized.

In reality, there are thousands of laws at the federal, state and local levels, regulating everything from who can own a gun, to how they are to be stored, to the conditions under which they can be used against home-invaders, to where they can be sold and even to magazine size.

America has no shortage of guns (90 for every 100 people), but one of the lowest homicide rates internationally – 9.6 per 100,000 (making us 111th out of 218 countries). Within the United States, cities with the most restrictive gun laws have homicide rates far above the national average – including New Orleans (53.2 per 100,000), Baltimore (34.9) and Newark (34.4).

There are incantations for every occasion. In a Spanish-language interview, presidential hopeful and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush committed to making “comprehensive immigration reform” a reality, if he’s elected president. But will the comprehensive reform also be quality and affordable?

“Comprehensive immigration reform” is a soothing bromide meant to do one thing and one thing only – legalize the status of alien invaders – not to secure the borders and prevent the next influx of illegals, not to stop criminal aliens from raping and murdering Americans and not to keep cheap immigrant labor from increasing unemployment among those most in need of unskilled jobs. Does the black unemployment rate (twice the national average) matter?

Incantations aren’t meant to be analyzed. They defy logical analysis.

What is Hillary supposed to say:” Like the rest of my party, I’m joined at the hip to Planned Parenthood? In response to its manifest evil, I need only say the magic words, ‘quality, affordable health care.’ and all will be well.”

When the witch doctor shakes his juju stick in a jungle clearing and mutters his magic formula, it’s not meant to inaugurate a debate but to foreclose a discussion. There’s nothing to see here; move along folks!



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