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Lionizing Cecil


The assassination of Archduke Cecil the Lion is the Left’s most recent moral cause célèbre. It appears the sad incident is now being elevated to the point of becoming a worthy reason to ignite World War III, with a diverse, almost mythologized bestiary and its righteous defenders on one side, and evil, gun toting American predatory game hunters on the other.

It seems that on the Richter scale of moral outrage, the death of a lion might rate a 1 or 2, especially in view of the death, dissection and sale by Planned Parenthood of babies, including the baby boy now named Emmett (Hebrew for “truth”) by outraged pro-life activists.

But for radical greens and Gaia worshippers, the killing of Cecil provides the kind of martyrdom guaranteed to incite rage among the Left. Forget the orange jump-suited Christians beheaded by ISIS. Downplay international slavery and sex trafficking. The death of Cecil is much more significant than the death of Christians or baby Emmett.

Why the excessive outrage?

The Cecil the Lion incident tells us what beings liberals really value and what they really get worked up about. It tells us liberals value animal life more than human life. It tells us animal rights are more important than the rights of humans, including humans’ right to life itself.

For the Greens and other radical leftists, animals are the largest victim group, and humans are automatically not only despoilers of animals’ environment, but also automatically predators just by virtue of being human. Animals are more worthy of protection from and by humans than the human beasts themselves, who are red in tooth and claw and who leave disgusting carbon footprints wherever they tread.

Most conservatives have known for a long time that liberals routinely express more compassion toward animals than toward humans. Case after case in which humans have lost while animals have gained rights could be cited, one of the most recent of which is California’s artificially engineered drought. The scarcity of water afflicting California for four years or more has been in large part due to severe EPA regulations meant to protect the Delta smelt.

But if we dig a little deeper, we will find the Left’s antipathy toward human beings goes deeper than mere preference for protection of animal life at the expense of human industry and use of natural resources. It goes much, much deeper to beliefs that animals are not only more valuable than humans, but that creatures lower down the food chain are the ideal template for evaluating and regulating human beings, whose nature is seen as free and unpredictable; and therefore inherently suspect.

Animals have a built in limitation to behavior called instinct. They can be objectively studied and their ways predicted. People have no such inherent limitations. They are without genetic inner brakes limiting and programming all their behavior. Because of the uniqueness of the human mind and spirit, humans’ capacities are not only quixotic, but nearly unlimited; and so, according to the Left, the capacities inherent to humans must be heavily regulated and penned in so things don’t get out of control and so the environment can be saved. For the Left in all its guises and isms, humans must be trained to have the same internal limitations of animals. They must be programmed.

It follows that people should be caged and controlled, not animals. Animals must have the entire Sierra Nevada or the Serengeti in which to roam. The Delta smelt must be free to swim in clear, cold, fresh waters. California farmers, on the other hand, must do without water. They and their fields must be fenced in order the fish remain liberated.

Agencies such as the EPA utilize multifarious regulations to “protect” the environment and the creatures which live there–creatures who are natural and who have natural rights; creatures who are the opposite of unnatural mankind, with his drive to conquer and to utilize the environment for his and future generations’ benefit. Humans’ unseemly drive to manipulate and improve their environment, a drive not known in any large degree by animals, should be castrated. People must be made compliant as domesticated geldings, tamed by bureaucratic minutiae that will have the deadening influence of tranquilizers, bars and fences. The human beasts must be tamed.


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