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Vivisecting the Soul of America


If you think California State Attorney General Kamala Harris has the right stuff to be California’s next United States Senator, think again.

By now most people are aware of the brutal and heinous practices of Planned Parenthood as revealed in two undercover videos which depict national leaders in the organization discussing and negotiating the sale of organs meticulously harvested from living fetuses in the womb.

Congress and several other Attorneys General from throughout the United States are investigating as they suspect Planned Parenthood has committed numerous felonies having to do with their use of illegal partial birth abortion techniques to illegally harvest and sell fetal tissue and organs. Ms. Harris, rather than joining these other law enforcement officials, is instead investigating the non-profit organization that filmed the videos to see if they broke the law!

I can’t even imagine what is going on in this woman’s head and heart. In fact, it makes me wonder if she still has a heart.

The videos depict the cold, callous and calculating medical directors of Planned Parenthood discussing their standard business practices as if they were discussing a cut of meat at the local butcher shop. Everyone I have interviewed, after having watched the videos, shudder as they think about the agony of the babies who are literally being dissected alive in their mother’s womb so as to preserve their organs intact.

Yet, when Ms. Harris watched these same videos, her take away was to wonder if the people filming the sting operation broke any laws? How blind, corrupt and wretched she must be.

Abortion occurs in a vacuum of values, respect for life and conscience.

In addition to having no mercy on an innocent life, it necessitates the denial of maternal instinct and the death of our collective conscience. The entire movement stands on the premise that these infants are not persons protected by our Constitution’s guaranteed right to life- the same argument once used to justify slavery in America!

A culture that thinks nothing of adultery, divorce, and the eschewing of marriage and having children altogether is exhibiting signs of self-destruction. These familial indices reflect our collective nosedive into the hell hole of narcissism. The abortion holocaust in America no doubt reflects a deep and abiding darkness of soul and spirit as it portends our demise as a culture and a civilized society.

Numerous historical studies have demonstrated the nuclear family is the basic building block of all advanced civilizations as neither tribal type or atomistic family relationships can replicate the value, strength and opportunities to serve and protect one another in a lifelong commitment while still facilitating the success of each individual member.

The nuclear family construct therefore serves as a safeguard and trustworthy indicator for all matters of civility and success. Other civilizations, long gone, realized too late that the abandonment of family values was their undoing. Such will be our fate unless we undergo a radical reformation in America. With leaders like Kamala Harris, don’t count on that happening anytime soon.

First published in the Santa Barbara News Press


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