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Cleansing the Gene Pool American Style


The bigoted forces of ISIS pine for the dark ages as they murder, pillar and plunder their way through the Middle East. Their mission? Return to the spirit and age of Mohammed which includes their destroying any and all peoples, artifacts and monuments antithetical to their cause.

Here in America, we are not suffering the effects of an ethnic cleansing as much as an ethic cleansing. What is despicable about our particular pogrom against all things now legally, politically and culturally incorrect? The hypocrisy of the double standards being applied to who and what gets destroyed versus what is preserved through sheer and utter ignorance. Examples abound.

Take for instance the case of one phony Bill, namely, Bill Cosby – a near perfect example of public virtue/private failure.

He was one of the first black men to break the color barrier on television (remember “I Spy”?) and in stand up comedy. He went on to become one of America’s most beloved icons and the successful standard bearer of family values via the Cosby Show. Yet, we now have strong reason to believe that Mr. Cosby had a dark secret life which involved slipping women a mickey before taking sexual advantage, read that rape, of them.

There is no longer much doubt that all this smoke surrounding Cosby means he deserves to be fired as an American favorite from this point on. Moreover, the people who have convicted him in the court of public opinion seek to scrub our history clean of his record of accomplishments in order to denounce and repudiate everything he otherwise genuinely accomplished.

I do not condemn the Cosby haters per se, but my question is, what about the other phony Bill of our time, namely Bill Clinton?

If America was in its right mind, they would realize that President Clinton is not just a corrupt individual: he corrupted our entire nation. How so? By emphatically and publicly denying that his relationship with Monica Lewinsky was sexual. This gave license to young people across America to lower their inhibitions and create false standards (i.e. the etiology of the sexual slang “a Lewinsky”) of their sexual activities that has led to untold moral corruption and injury.

I agree there is a difference between a woman raped under the influence of a controlled substance versus a star-struck woman being taken advantage of. However, some young victims duped by famous and powerful people of all persuasions might beg to differ as to the end result. Nonetheless, Bill Clinton is a scoundrel in every sense of the word — a serial adulterer and philanderer who perjured himself to preserve his image and reputation in spite of his many nefarious dealings. Yet, he is still considered “beloved” by progressives?

Another example of double standards and dubious values?

The controversy surrounding the Confederate Flag, a sorry but significant symbol of our nation’s history. The fact is, some citizens of these former Confederate States still want to honor their heritage in light of the loss of life among their ancestors regardless of how we view the situation today.

If we condemn them and scrub the nation’s collective conscience accordingly, then what about Margaret Sanger, who started the modern day abortion movement in America and was the founder of the organization which became Planned Parenthood? Sanger was a protagonist of the eugenics movement who spoke at Ku Klux Klan rallies! Quite emphatically, she believed blacks were inferior and their exclusion from the gene pool was a benefit to society.

So, why isn’t her memory and the organization she started being burned in effigy?

First published in the Santa Barbara News Press


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