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Links Between Abortion and Breast Cancer Continue to Mount

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The link between abortion and breast cancer continues to mount.

Mat Staver: Matt, back a number of years ago in the case of Christ Bride Ministries against the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority in Philadelphia, Liberty Counsel represented that ministry and the ministry wanted to give a message in the transit authority that said, “Abortion increases breast cancer and causes more deadly breast cancer.”

And Arlen Specter was the senator at the time, he was in cahoots with Planned Parenthood, ultimately because of their protest the transit authority tore up the contract, would not allow the advertising to take place.

We filed suit, it went all the way to the Federal Court of Appeals. We won the case in a great decision. But it was the first time for any case ever to put into evidence a meta study (a meta study is a study of studies)…that a meta study was put into a court case that showed the link between breast cancer and abortion.

Since that time there have been many other studies that have come down the pipe that have confirmed that breast cancer-abortion link.

Matt Barber: Yeah…the evidence is mounting, it’s piling up. And of course anything that affects Planned Parenthood’s bottom line — abortion is a huge money-maker for that multi-billion dollar industry, for the abortion industry — so the demonstrable link, the evidence, of a clear, strong cause and effect relationship between abortion and breast cancer, they have to shut down the facts.

That’s how the Left operates. they can’t win the arguments on the merits, they don’t have the science on their side.

They have a wicked political agenda so they have to shut down debate entirely. But the news is getting out that there is a definite connection, multiple studies have indicated, peer reviewed have indicated that there is a connection between abortion and breast cancer.


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