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Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh’s Mystification, Easily Demystified


The headline reads: “Limbaugh mystified: Republican behavior ‘too weird’”.

I found the use of the word “mystify” intriguing. The headline applies the word to Rush Limbaugh, to convey the sense that he is puzzled by the fact that the GOP’s quisling Congressional leaders are “refusing to oppose Democrats while at the same time targeting its own base.” Yet, in light of their record for at least the last ten years, Limbaugh’s puzzlement seems to me more mystifying than mystified. Like “lawyers who mystify the legal system so that laymen find it unintelligible” Rush makes a puzzle out of a fact so evident that it is almost self-explanatory.

The record of the GOP’s Congressional leadership has been pretty consistent since at least the 109th Congress (2005-2007). That was the Congressional session during which the GOP controlled Congress angered the GOP’s conservative base by abandoning the Republican Platform’s longstanding commitment to limited government, especially when it came to budgetary and fiscal discipline. The run up to the 2006 Congressional elections saw testy confrontations between GOP representatives and their frustrated constituents. The latter were disappointed and outraged by what has proven to be just the first symptoms of the debt/spending frenzy that has since then threatened to exhaust the good faith and credit of the American people, including especially the U.S. dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency.

The deep-seated passion of these frustrated GOP constituents fueled the grassroots political initiative on which the elitist faction media later pasted the slyly ambiguous “Tea Party” moniker. Of course, in the beginning the grassroots reaction against the GOP’s betrayal of its principles produced gatherings that left no doubt that the label referred to the events of the America Revolution during which Americans dumped tea into Boston Harbor to symbolize America’s rejection of British taxes that were imposed without the assent of the elected legislatures of the colonies. This imposition violated the principle of representation, which America’s first patriots held to be the indispensable prerequisite of just government power.

In reality when the so-called “Tea Party” movement began, the issue of representation also lay at the core of the reaction against the GOP’s quislings. People felt betrayed because the actions of the GOP Congress did not reflect the promising principles of the Party’s platform. But apart from their feelings, and even apart from the particular issues on which they focused, the concrete fact that those principles have been abandoned means that all the people who voted for GOP candidates on account of those promising principles didn’t get the representation they voted for.

Instead they got taxation, ever increasing debt, ever expanding government control, ever more burdensome infringements of their Constitutional rights, and finally ever more arrogant disregard for the unalienable rights that are the foundation of the sovereignty of the American people- all without respect for the principle of representation that America’s founders regarded as the key to the nature and survival of our republican, constitutional form of government.

Rush Limbaugh calls the GOP’s behavior “weird.” Apart from its overtones of unnatural causation, that word means “strange, abnormal, [or] unusual.” But given the factual evidence of the past decade, there’s nothing unusual about the fact that the GOP’s quislings (a word that alludes to collaboration with the enemy) are now refusing to oppose Obama’s anti-constitutional high crimes and misdemeanors. They’ve been doing so since he first took office.

There’s also nothing unusual about the fact that they are “targeting their own base”. From the moment Ronald Reagan left office, the authentically conservative portion of the GOP base has been targeted for betrayal.

They were targeted for betrayal with oxymora like “big-government conservative” (i.e., socialism by any other name); and intentionally obscurantist phrases like “big-tent Republican”, i.e., a Republican who supports, and is supported by, people who reject the GOP’s commitment to American principles (like respect for God-endowed unalienable rights) as articulated in the American Declaration of Independence.

Now the conservatives in the GOP base are targeted for betrayal by the very existence of what the GOP has become — a organ of misrepresentation, pervasively infected by the elitist faction’s enmity toward those Declaration principles; a sham opposition party that act as a thoroughly controlled appendage of the elitist faction’s agenda for the overthrow of republican constitutional self-government; and a quisling cohort of GOP leaders who are willing collaborators in the Obama faction’s anti-constitutional policies and actions, including the abrogation of our sovereign border and immigration laws, and treasons like the recent agreement with Iran.

There’s nothing weird or mystifying about the fact that the GOP quislings (i.e., collaborators with the enemy) are collaborating with the enemy of everything for which the Republican platform professes to stand. Given the data of the last several decades, this collaboration is exactly what anyone who analyzes that data with unbiased integrity would be led to expect.

What is mystifying is Rush Limbaugh’s unaccountable willingness to act as if there’s something abnormal or unusual about the latest instances of this collaboration.

What is mystifying is his continued unwillingness to draw the simple conclusion the analysis justifies, to wit: The Party that still abuses the name Republican is now a strategic asset wielded with no purpose except to serve the agenda of the enemies of America’s constitutional Republic, i.e., the form of government the Constitution, ordained and established by the people of the United States, is supposed to guarantee (Article IV.4) to the States, respectively, and therefore to all the people who inhabit them.


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