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Fight for Equal Rights for Preborn Babies on Social Media!


In response to the barbaric revelations about Planned Parenthood, Illinois Family Institute (IFI) would like to encourage our subscribers who use Facebook and Twitter to consider replacing their profile pictures with this image:

Right click on the picture, then choose “save image as,” then replace your profile picture with this new graphic.

Right click on the picture, then choose “save image as,”
then replace your profile picture with this new graphic.

Equality has been a much exploited and abused concept over the last two decades. It’s long past time to apply it legitimately—to reclaim it from its sordid captivity.

Society is obliged to treat humans equally—not based on their desires—but based on their humanness.  Human beings at every stage of life are intrinsically valuable—not for their instrumental utility in medical research.  Because of their God-given intrinsic worth, all humans deserve equal protection under the law.

Those who “hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, [and] that among these are Life,” must never accept a law or a pernicious U.S. Supreme Court decision that treats incipient human life as non-life.

Preborn babies are equal in value to humans who manage to survive the treacherous waters of the womb. Preborn babies are inarguably equal in worth to those who kill them and to those defend a fictional right to kill them.

There exists no right to do a wrong—let alone a wrong as profoundly evil as crushing the bodies of the smallest, most vulnerable among us. No woman has a moral right to hire someone to kill her child—not even if her circumstances are difficult and not even if her child is imperfect. If she can’t care for her child or doesn’t want her child, she can give him or her to someone who can and does.  A just, compassionate society committed to equality should know that the only moral choice between relinquishing a child and killing it is relinquishment. True love demands that society help women bear their burdens—not kill their babies.

And no doctor has a moral right to do the killing.

Please change your Facebook and Twitter profile images, and encourage everyone you know to do likewise.



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