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Is Donald Trump’s Run an Elitist Faction Ploy?


[From time to time I write a reply to a comment on one of my Facebook posts that I think will be of benefit to a more general audience. Here is my reply to a comment made when I posted this tweet in praise of Donald Trump’s acting abilities: “Donald Trump is such a good actor you forget that in real life he has almost nothing in common with the character he’s playing now.”]


I’ve always respected you Alan, but when someone repeats what the media, RNC, and DNC say it automatically causes doubt. You may be right, but I’ll wait and see for myself.


I never base my remarks on who says what, but on what facts, reason and my God directed conscience suggest is true.

That way I’ll never turn against what’s true just because “the devil can quote scripture.” If the devil repeats back to me some true conclusion I came to long before hearing it from him, his willingness to pander won’t distract me from facts that make clear where he’s coming from. In this case, Trump comes from years of faithful service to the elitist faction’s deceits. Now he speaks truths shrewdly calculated to exploit the anger those deceits have roused, in order to make himself the focus of the energy and hopes of people fighting to save the God-endowed unalienable rights of the American people, including their right to govern themselves.

But when it comes to the greatest lies, the ones that destroy the very notion of God-endowed unalienable right, what does Trump have to say?

He purports to defend us against the enemies of our sovereignty, but gives no answer when asked about the latest and most deadly attack on the very foundation of our claim, as a people, to exercise sovereignty over ourselves.

When asked, in the wake of the Obergefell decision, about his stand on homosexual marriage Trump mouthed words about his support for “traditional” marriage. The interviewer asked him what he would say to someone who asked “Donald Trump, what’s ‘traditional’ about being married three times?” Trump observed sheepishly “They have a very good point”, and made no serious reply. Candidates who take stands they can’t defend in order to get the votes have already betrayed the people who support them. Of course, the betrayal (Trump’s leftist buddies call it “growth”) won’t become evident until it’s too late to remedy.

Here is someone who says he will defend our sovereign borders but has no reply to the U.S. Supreme Court’s dictatorial abrogation of the U.S. Constitution, including the 9th Amendment’s prohibition against denying and disparaging the Creator-endowed rights we are obliged by “the laws of nature and of nature’s God” to respect and retain. So, while posturing as if he will defend our sovereignty on the map, he sheepishly surrenders to the elitist faction’s destruction of our sovereignty in principle. But if, as a people, we have no God-endowed right to that sovereignty, how would Trump justify the war he claims we should have waged against Mexico to defend it? Would he tell our troops that it’s right for them to give their own lives and take the lives of others just because we have the will to keep foreigners out and the power to do so?

Since when do true American patriots justify war on the grounds that “might makes right”?

Trump pretends to battle in defense of our nation, but he appears to lack the understanding required to defend the self-evident truths that have, from the beginning, defined our identity as a nation. He has this in common with all the other GOP candidates. So why should people sincerely loyal to our national creed put any more trust in Donald Trump than in all the rest?

The only thing Trump is really accomplishing is to focus the time and energy of these sincere American patriots on the GOP version of the elitist faction sham. By engaging their energy and attention in the sham primary process he distracts them from the only course of action that can actually save America’s constitutional republic- which is to build a vehicle for political activity that respects the Constitution, instead of relying on elitist faction parties that the Constitution never mentions.

That distraction is the whole strategic purpose of the role Trump is playing. His offer to help people win the battle for border sovereignty is actually part of the elitist faction strategy to end the people’s sovereignty altogether. This use of one attack to distract from another more strategically decisive one was Napoleon’s favorite tactic. People being gulled by Trump don’t see it because they fall prey to the notion that illegal immigration is an attack from without, when in fact it is being orchestrated by the same domestic powers-that-be whose main attack is focused on destroying our morale (moral judgment, will and purpose) from within.

In this respect the present strategic goal of the elitist faction political sham resembles the threatening financial collapse of 2008. What appeared to be the result of global happenings that battered the nation’s finances from without, in fact provided cover for an attack on the backbone of our domestic liberty, i.e., the moral and material reserves of what was America’s thriving middle class. The elitist faction money powers purposeful used that crisis to begin the process that has fearfully weakened America’s middle class, and virtually destroyed the good faith and credit of the American people.

What that crisis did to the material basis of the sovereignty of the American people the present political/constitutional crisis aims to do to its moral/constitutional premises. Trump epitomizes the strategic irony of using an attack on our sovereignty in one form (the foreign invasion made possible by lax enforcement of our immigration laws) to assure the success of the decisive attack on our overall sovereignty as a people, no matter which of the two purportedly opposing Parties wins the 2016 election.

Since you have not made up your mind about Trump’s candidacy, I hope you will take this strategic perspective into account.


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