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One Day Left to Challenge SCOTUS Marriage Decision (Video)


The U.S. Supreme Court “same-sex marriage” fight is not completely over.

According to the Court’s published rules, within 25 days of a ruling, a party can ask the Court for a rehearing if there are pertinent issues meriting appeal.  The 25 day period to file for a rehearing expires on Tuesday, July 21.

Opponents of same-sex marriage must contact the attorneys general for the four states that lost the Obergefell case, and ask them to apply immediately for a rehearing of the case.   Contact information is listed in the video below.

The issue of merit here is that Justices Kagan and Ginsberg, both of whom ruled for same-sex marriage, were clearly REQUIRED by federal law to recuse themselves from this case.   The following video shows pro-SSM legal scholars admitting that Kagan and Ginsberg were biased.

Dennis H. Sapire Esq. PhD., Attorney at Law, Clinical Psychologist and gay activist:

I’ve argued two cases before the Supreme Court. You know how the right-wingers are trying to say Kagan and Ginsberg should recuse themselves because they officiated over gay weddings?

Technically, I think it does show that they might be biased, but I don’t want them to recuse themselves by any means.

Please avail yourself of the contact information within the video and demand that Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine file for a rehearing.


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