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Over 500,000 ‘Bible Sticks’ Distributed to US Soldiers

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Over 500,000 Bible Sticks are being distributed to our military men and women around the country. This particular Bible Stick actually has the gospels in audio version. It’s about the size of a pack of gum and it’s being distributed to our U.S. military troops and allows them to keep learning the gospel while they’re deployed away from their families, homes, and churches.

Mat Staver: Matt, this device that conveniently fits inside a troop’s pocket, it’s called a military Bible Stick and it comes preloaded with the entire New Testament and also selected Psalms from the book of Psalms. The device is also durable enough to withstand wet and rainy weather conditions.

And about 530,127 have now been distributed to U.S. Troops since the device was first released in 2008 according to, that’s the website.

And Franklin Graham has now endorsed the distribution of this. It is a recording by the company Faith Comes by Hearing.

Matt Barber: Yeah…what a neat thing. Troy Carl is the National Director of Faith Comes by Hearing, he said this, “When many of our troops were deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq, the chaplains just reached out to us and said ‘We need that will speak to these 18 – 24 year olds that is a whole new kind of Army. They are an iPod generation. Can you help us?’ “

And that’s right, Mat, you know I have three young children and they listen to stuff on their iPods all the time. You know we try to get them faith related things to listen to and so forth. But this reaping the Bible with their ears, in this day and age.

Faith Comes by Hearing is right. And in a United States military that is increasingly hostile to the free exercise of Christianity and the Christian faith, it’s encouraging to me that as many in the upper levels of the military under this Obama administration are trying to undermine the truths inherent within biblical Christianity, we have hundreds of thousands of troops now receiving these Bible Sticks to hear the truth!


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