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Is Jeb Bush running for President, or Wage-Slave Overseer-in-Chief?


Either way, maybe he’s the one who should work harder?

The Bush family epitomizes the mentality of the GOP’s quisling elitists. They wore their hearts on their elitist faction sleeves when George W. Bush touted their condescending notion of “compassionate conservatism.” As it turns out conservatives are the only folks who haven’t come in for much compassion from the GOP’s quisling leadership.

Last week, all working Americans were on the receiving end of some of that backhanded compassion, from Jeb Bush. “In answer to a question about tax reform…Bush first said he thought the country could achieve a 4 percent economic growth – but that it depended on how hard Americans want to work….It means that people need to work longer hours.”

It’s telling that, in 2008, when the elitist faction money powers were threatened with dire consequences from the collapse of their ill-constructed financial house of cards, Bush’s brother sacrificed the good faith and credit of the whole American people in order to bail them out. Even financial institutions that didn’t need it benefitted from a windfall that all of them were slow to use to back job-creating investments, no matter how hard the Federal Reserve pushed against the string to boost lending.

Now, asked about getting to a tax system that allows wage-earners to control more of their own money, Jeb Bush starts talking like a candidate for “Overseer of the Wage Slaves” on the government plantation.

A tongue lashing from him was just the thing for people who are exhausting themselves working two part-time jobs; or others who have exhausted their spirits looking for jobs that weren’t there, despite the U.S. Government’s treacherously bipartisan debt and spending frenzy. But the Bush family’s amnesty minded compassion for illegal immigrants willing to work cheap had nothing to do with that.

After all, such illegals are just doing jobs Americans don’t care to do, like those workers at Disney who were ordered to train the foreign workers who replaced them. I’ll bet that was a job they didn’t care to do. I’ll bet that’s why Disney obligingly refused to retain their long-time employees as consultants.

Welcome to the Bush World Order edition of “Compassionate Freedom”. It’s an eerily familiar idea: “Work makes you free.” (To 20th Century history buffs and X-Men aficionados that’s more familiar in German translation, as “Arbeit Macht Frei.”)

However, like most Americans I know first-hand that Americans well deserve their reputation for hard work and long hours, willingly invested. It comes from our heritage as a people born of wearisome exploration – whether it be the great spirit of the nomadic Native Americans who followed the contours of nature to live off the land they chose to respect; or the faithful spirit of the Europeans, harried by persecution, who came upon them here.

It comes from the restless spirit of generation after generation of immigrants, eventually drawn from every region of the world, who came to America precisely because it offered wide-open spaces untouched by aristocratic disdain, where hard work found dignity, high esteem and commensurate rewards. Ours was a nation where not a few were moved to the hardest labor of all, as they fought for justice for enslaved people, who themselves longed for nothing more than the opportunity to work harder by their own free will than they could be forced to work for any “master” except the Lord who made us.

When Willie Nelson sang of America’s heroes, his cow herding “knights of the plain” stood for every working American working man and woman.

Contrary to Obama’s stupid lies, such working people built this country, not the governments they instituted to help secure the fruits of their labor. They were the ones who made work’s dust and sweat and groaning into a cause for pride and satisfaction. In the process some built great fortunes, and many made decent and contented lives.

But now the coddled worldlings who inherited their labor’s fruits have commenced to spoil the nation by tearing down its heritage of rightful equality. They only speak of equality now in the context of trying to force people to believe that an ethic of selfish love, grounded in the pursuit of physical pleasure, can replace the God-endowed natural ethic of responsible self-sacrifice that is the heart of marriage and family life. For the overwhelming majority of Americans that sacrifice of self for family was the key motivation for all their labors. It still is.

So it’s especially irritating is to hear Jeb Bush smugly pushing for a return to respect for the Puritan work ethic when he and his fellow quislings have been so faithless and double-minded in their willingness to fight against the culture of selfish hedonism now poised to entomb it forever. Jeb Bush’s limp-wristed response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s atrociously anti-constitutional Obergefell decision is a case in point.

Parroting the quisling Party line, he seeks to divert attention from the decision’s profoundly subversive attack on the very foundations of the sovereignty of the American people. Like many of his quisling colleagues, he pretends that religious liberty will be preserved even after a Court fabricated right has been allowed to extinguish the unalienable right the natural family implements (in clear violation of the U.S. Constitution’s 9th Amendment).

Perhaps Jeb Bush is the one who needs to work harder– until he understands the destructive implications of the Obergefell decision. It is a long standing principle of settled Constitutional law (as the lawyers presumptuously say) that religious liberty cannot be invoked to license ordinary criminal conduct. This is why the religious liberty argument failed to prevail against laws that criminalized polygamy, e.g., in the Mormon cases. Without harder work Bush may also remain unaware that, under Federal law, civil rights violations can be prosecuted as criminal offenses.

If the Obergefell decisions stands, it will be argued, with more than a little probability of success, that discrimination against married homosexuals is a crime. It will be argued that verses in the Bible, and sermons from the pulpit, that characterize homosexual relations between married homosexual couples as sin are incitements to crime, subject to laws against hate speech. It will be argued that the refusal to marry homosexual couples is an invidious slur (hate speech in action), which makes the denominations responsible for it criminal organizations.

With even less plausible grounds, ideologically motivated prosecutors charged pro-lifers with crimes under the RICO statute. Bush, and others gullibly pushing the “religious liberty” fallback position against “gay marriage” are either pitiably ignorant or willfully disingenuous.

If Obergefell is wrongly accepted as “settled law”, the same arrogant spirit of usurpation that led the evidently biased Justices in the Obergefell majority to make their specious ruling will lead them to embrace the rather more logical arguments that draw upon that wrongful acceptance to make it the basis for lawsuits and criminal; prosecutions legal intended to hound people who oppose it until they are hammered into submission.

I have little faith that Jeb Bush cares enough about this issue of fundamental moral and constitutional principle to work harder than he apparently has so far, to understand its grave implications. My experience with him suggests that he didn’t care enough to do so when it might have saved Terry Schiavo from being the victim of judicial murder, in violation of her unalienable right to life. He shows no signs of doing so now that it has come to the murder of our nation’s respect for God-endowed unalienable rights, among which the liberty of republican, (i.e., representative) self-government will also perish.

The election of Jeb Bush to be President of the United States will simply perfume that historic human tragedy with false airs of “compassionate conservatism”. So there is one thing I would agree in saying America voters need to work harder to do– they need to work harder to make sure no tool of the elitist faction’s push toward plutocratic, pseudo-patrician dynasty gets to preside over victory in its war to impose on us the unchallenged rule of the powerful few the word dynasty implies.

This doesn’t just require turning away from the Bush family’s dynastic pretensions. It means turning away from the corrupt elitist faction sham altogether.

It means becoming, once and for all, a people capable of finding, in themselves, the alternative that restores our nation’s respect for God-endowed right and rightful liberty.


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