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Obama Regime Admits Women Aren’t Men; Conservatives Fail to Seize on It


Obamacare regulations show the Obama regime acknowledges that women aren’t men despite its rhetoric saying otherwise, yet conservatives have failed to seize this accidental admission of truth and they continue a pattern of seemingly wanting to lose. reported on June 24 that the Department of Health and Human Services issued more guidelines for the oppressive Obamacare. These guidelines dictate to health insurance companies what their plans must cover. Part of the text of the guidelines found reads as follows.

Where an attending provider determines that a recommended preventive service is medically appropriate for the individual – such as, for example, providing a mammogram or pap smear for a transgender man who has residual breast tissue or an intact cervix – and the individual otherwise satisfies the criteria in the relevant recommendation or guideline as well as all other applicable coverage requirements, the plan or issuer must provide coverage for the recommended preventive service, without cost sharing, regardless of sex assigned at birth, gender identity, or gender of the individual otherwise recorded by the plan or issuer.

Disregarding the language that is absolutely separated from reality (“sex assigned at birth”) what this text ultimately reveals is the regime admits that a woman who mutilates her body and pretends to be a man is indeed still a woman who needs medical and health care specific to women.

This is noteworthy as the Obama regime regularly lies by saying that women pretending to be men actually are men and vice versa. So this should have been a perfect opportunity for conservatives to seize on an accidental admission of truth and exploit it with waves of attacks on Obama and his minions.

But nothing has happened.

The surrender might not seem all that surprising since conservatives have long surrendered on reality when it comes to sexual morality. However, it remains significant since it continues a trend of not only the Republicans surrendering on everything, but conservatives doing so as well.

For instance, the Democrats have decided to ban the Confederate flag. Some conservatives called out this insanity but others supported it and the Democrats won. Even worse, as the Democrats escalate that war to one on memorials, graves, and other American history, conservatives have no response—they aren’t demanding any sort of consistency to the banning which would be easy to do.

And then there is the illegal alien invasion and takeover of America. While illegal aliens run rampant through the U.S. and murder people, not only do conservatives refuse to address it, but when someone comes along and shows them how to do so, they refuse to adopt his winning tactics.

The failure to seize on the Obama regime’s accidental admission that women aren’t men and vice versa is yet another loss for conservatives. People will eventually wonder if they truly are as incompetent as they seem, or if they now are actually trying to lose.


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