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Atheist Zealots


Editor’s Note, AARP Magazine, June/July 2015: We received an angry response to the mentions (emphasis added) of prayer in our February/March issue from readers who identify as atheists. Here’s a sample.

And here’s a sample of the sample: “We are atheists. We hate it that you put a religious article in your last issue. We don’t want to read religious articles and especially resent our membership dues being used to promote religion. Our hope is that you will apologize and publish an article in the future about atheists.”

In this particular issue of the magazine there is a feature article celebrating Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, a traitor and a lesbian. No atheist will complain about that.

But if the magazine even mentions prayer, or writes about someone whose life has a religious dimension; if AARP even shows an awareness that persons who believe in God exist–well, then! Even to acknowledge the presence of religion is to “promote religion” and must be stopped. Maybe if everybody ignores it persistently, it will go away.

Don’t you just love atheists?

Look at all they’ve contributed to human life–atheist music, atheist-endowed hospitals, all those great atheist charities, and inspiring figures like Stalin and Mao–really, no wonder they expect us to defer to them whenever they open their big fat mouths. No wonder that a single atheist can shut down a whole town’s prayers or parades.

AARP should indeed apologize for mentioning prayer and interviewing someone who prays. Well, okay, most liberal Democrat politicians claim to be “Christians” of one kind or another; but you know and I know and even the nooze media knows that they don’t mean it for a minute. Hence the perpetual smirk on Obama’s face.

Really now–shouldn’t there be some sort of penalty for mentioning prayer?

Let’s ask the Supreme Court…


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