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Church Defends Marriage: Come Rain or Come Sign


It’ll take a lot more than spray paint to deter the people of Texas’s Bisbee Baptist Church.

Like an overwhelming number of pastors, Freddie Matthews had a message for the Supreme Court about its marriage ruling — and he used his church sign to do it.

“Just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s right,” he spelled out on the marquee just two days after the justices ruled. Within the week, vandals painted over the sign with a profane note of their own. Talk about sore winners!

Pastor Matthews, who planned to preach on the sanctity of marriage, wasn’t surprised by the response — but he was disappointed. “[I] understand that we have our differences, but expressing them this way is not appropriate.”

Unfortunately, violence, graffiti, profanity, and general hostility is the Left’s idea of “conflict resolution,” and has been since the early days of Proposition 8. Just last week, the side claiming the “love” mantle spit on a Catholic priest at a gay pride parade. Where’s the tolerance in that?

Back at Bisbee Baptist, Pastor Matthews said the irony of the whole thing is that he consistently preaches — not just on homosexual immorality — but all immorality outside of God’s design for marriage. If he could, he’d like to meet with the person responsible for the crime. “We want to share the love of God with all people.”


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