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Save the Planet from the Save the Planet Crowd


“All aspects of modern life must be scrutinized to save the planet,” according to the power-hungry psychotics who recently met in Canada for a “great big group hug”–as Ontario’s “environment minister” described it–and a “climate change conference” aimed at stopping Global Warming.

And guess who’ll be doing the scrutinizing.

California’s madcap Gov. Jerry Brown stole the show, describing all skepticism about Global Warming as the pastime of “troglodytes,” a two-dollar word for “cavemen.” He also said we have to “redesign” our cities, our homes, our cars, our electrical generation and just about everything else.

And guess who’ll be doing the redesigning.

Is it still a conspiracy when it’s being done right out in the open where everyone can see it? Like here they are, invoking the deadly but imaginary crisis of Global Warming to give them the right to get their grubby little hands on everything–yes, everything–so that government has the final word in every little nuance of our lives. And instead of rising up against them and rendering them powerless to hurt us anymore, we just… well, sit around.

Want to redefine marriage? Yeah, sure, okay. Want to redesign our cities, take away the houses that we worked for, and cram us into tiny government rat-holes? Hey, go for it. So what if we freeze our kiesters off while we listen to you yammer on about Global Warming? If you’re Saving the Planet, anything goes.

And the beauty of it is, favored folks like Jerry Brown and the Environment Minister of Ontario won’t be in the least bit inconvenienced by all this redesigning. They’ll still have their private jets and mansions.

After all, you don’t expect the Rulers to live like peasants. No itty-bitty clown cars, no bicycles, for them!

What do they have to do, before they really cheese you off?


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