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Kenya Take a Step Back, Mr. President?


When the President travels abroad, there’s one thing he never leaves at home: his radical social agenda.

Since day one, the Obama administration made it clear that this isn’t your parents’ version of diplomacy. Instead, the White House has dispatched an army of liberal ambassadors — all with strict instructions to use their influence to force acceptance of the President’s extreme sexual priorities.

Now, after seven years of aggressive bullying, the President’s crusade hasn’t exactly improved relations with America’s neighbors (not that it’s an administration priority). From Hillary Clinton to John Kerry, the State Department has repeatedly violated the first rule of the diplomatic process: to respect the traditions and beliefs of other countries. In most cases, this forceful approach has made more enemies of nations than friends — especially in countries as profoundly religious as Kenya.

Like other African and South American nations, they don’t appreciate the administration’s decision to openly demonize their beliefs and promote homosexuality and abortion as international “human rights.” And when the President Obama visits Kenyans this month, they intend to tell him so. Dozens of lawmakers are planning protests during the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, where White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest says the President will once again call for “equality” for LGBT Kenyans.

“It is important for us as Kenyans to know that the U.S. is not God,” one church leader told

Lawmaker Irungu Kangata was more candid. “We are telling Mr. Obama when he comes to Kenya this month and he tries to bring the abortion agenda, the gay agenda, we shall tell him to shut up and go home.”

The Speaker of the National Assembly echoed that resolve. “Liberal thoughts are being entertained in some countries under the guise of human rights. We must be vigilant and guard against it. We must lead an upright society and now allow obnoxious behavior as we have a responsibility to protect our children.”

Already, Earnest has said the President will ignore the country’s request and speak out anyway. “I’m confident the President will not hesitate to make clear that the protection of basic universal human rights in Kenya is also a priority….”

In two terms, this administration has amassed one of the worst foreign policy records in modern history — promoting what our laws don’t recognize and falling silent on what they do (like religious freedom). For this White House, everything boils down to abortion and sexuality.

Just this month, the President highlighted a column by his eight openly gay ambassadors that insisted “trade policy” is one of the “most promising tools… to export our values of equality and tolerance.”

In a world already teetering on disaster, this clash of worldviews is a diplomatic powder keg.

“Those who want to engage in those businesses of [homosexuality],” fumed one Kenyan, “they can do it in their own countries, and they can do it wherever it is they want. In Kenya, we will stand firm.”


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