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The Donald’s Mexican Moonwalk


The left’s newest favorite political piñata Donald Trump recently lit his own hair on fire with comments (comments he is trying to walk back) that in effect blame Mexico for sending us “drug dealers, criminals and rapists.”

There is a kernel of truth in what he said, a kernel that is sure to get stuck in the throat of the Republican party! Alternatively, the party could avoid choking to death if it were to clarify what is actually happening and what they plan to do about the Obama administration’s abysmal and abominable security fiasco at the border.

America has historically been the beacon of hope for the world’s huddled masses yearning to be free, and at one time we were proud of this reputation!

First, decades past we had a process by which we screened immigrants for diseases. Second, if we did not know what kind of person they were, we required them to have a citizen sponsor who would vouch for and take responsibility for them. Third, we insisted on assimilation.

America thus safely and efficiently became the greatest country in the world. Having said all that, I recently attended a border security conference in El Paso. Seeing firsthand what is going on down there was dumbfounding. Times have changed.

Recently, I asserted my right to be black. However, this revelation wouldn’t be complete without adding the fact that I was actually raised by Mexicans! I can vouch we had nary a drug dealer, a criminal or a rapist anywhere in the family — only loving, humble, hard working and kind people.

They came here because their own country offered little to nothing in the way of economic aspirations and freedom. They successfully assimilated and we are a better nation for their being here. However, unfortunately, there is more to this uniquely American narrative today.

I love Donald Trump’s and Ann Coulter’s (who I interviewed on this same subject) passion for all things American, but unfortunately, their bombast isn’t helping the American people understand what is really going on and why.

The fact is Mexico, the nation state, is not sending any of these people because in reality Mexico is a failing state. Their government is no more in charge of the border than the Obama administration is in charge of it.

Who is in charge? The drug cartels.

Here are the brutal facts. Few come across the border unless they pay and/or become what is called a mule for the cartels. So the people running the operation are actually and truly drug smugglers. Nevertheless, Trump unfortunately distorted what is going on by way of gross oversimplification of the situation as it affects the people carrying the loads for their temporary masters.

Similarly, most of the people coming across the border are not rapists, but most of the women including young girls are raped along the way. Trump and Coulter are right in that there certainly are some murderers, rapists, members of international gangs such as MS-13, and foreign born terrorists from the Middle East in the mix. However, the vast bulk of the people coming across are simply poor people trying to better their chances in a country that still inspires hope.

Having said all that, I believe we need a fence, a cogent screening process, a guest worker program, the elimination of anchor baby provisions, and a hard core policy of no amnesty/citizenship for anyone who comes across the border illegally.

Anything less than that fosters continued chaos and anarchy that does allow for murderers, rapists and drug dealers to come to America, along with some who come only to be a burden to society. We can and must do better.

Andy Caldwell is the executive director of COLAB and the host of the Andy Caldwell Show weekdays from 3-5 pm on News Press Radio AM1290.

This article was first published in the Santa Barbara News Press


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