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The Creation of Man by Michelangelo Sistine Chapel

The Creation of Man by Michelangelo Sistine Chapel

Can You Prove that God Exists?


Can you prove to someone that God is real? That God exists?

Your author, for example, knows for a fact that God is real, having seen miracles. I can tell someone how I have touched God and have been touched by God. I mean physically and bodily, not only emotionally. But can we use our personal experience with a real, living God to force other people to accept “our truth” also?

Even during life’s disappointments, I know there is a God even when it would be more convenient to interpret events in my life without trying to figure out what in the world was God thinking. God actually exists, as a real, intelligent being, whether we like it or we don’t. God’s reality is not contingent on whether I understand it, on my feelings or on my approval.

It is hard to persuade someone to change their lives, beliefs, or actions merely on the basis of an archaic book (in their view). You may have persuasive arguments. (For example, you could read Josh McDowell’s Evidence that Demands a Verdict.)

But ultimately it comes down to saying that they should change their entire lives just because you say so. Most people think that when we talk about God we are talking only about an abstract theory, like the Easter Bunny. But once we come to know that there is an actual God, we would like to convince other people of this truth, too.

Yet in our zeal we are making a profound error in trying to persuade lost or skeptical people. Too often, we as Christians misunderstand God’s purposes. As a result, we fail in our communications of the gospel to society, because we are confused ourselves.

God created this entire universe as a proving ground for people to choose God or reject Him. This entire vast universe was set up as a stage upon which each human being has a chance to seek his or her Creator. So, it isn’t my role to prove to someone else that God is real. But it is my role to shout it from the housetops that there is something to find… if you will but choose to look.

It would be easy for God to prove His own existence – if He wanted to. The real issue is why God doesn’t want to reveal Himself decisively. God is willing to reveal Himself to those who seek Him. “You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13

Yet God does not want to force Himself upon people who really don’t want to know Him. This entire universe is set up to separate the sheep from the goats. Some people presented with all the facts will reject the Lord. We succeed if we provoke people to make a choice, if we put a fork in the road.

It is easy for anyone to learn whether God is real: Just ask Him. There is no one, if they are sincere, who needs to linger in the dark. Every person alive can know with absolute certainty if God is real: Just ask. Ask God to reveal Himself. However, there are three problems:

First, God does things very, very slowly. If you ask God to reveal Himself in 2015, God might lead you to complete confidence in God’s reality by, say, 2021. I don’t like that. But expect silence at first, leading eventually to absolute certainty.

Second, God will not reveal Himself to someone who doesn’t truly want to know. And that means accepting the full spectrum of consequences flowing from God’s existence and sovereignty as King of your life. So God’s response will be slow and focused on finding out if you are serious. It’s okay to ask questions. But do you really want to know the answer?

Third, there is truly a magic word in the universe: “Yes.” The more you say “yes” to God, incredible power is released. When God gently brushes you with the faintest touch, the more you say “Yes! I want that! I want more, God!” then power and miracles (eventually, slowly) pour through your life like a mighty river.

But the average person cannot seek God if until we tell them there is someone to seek. It is our job to whet their appetites. We cannot force God on them. But they are not going to go looking for God if we don’t dangle in front of them the possibilities.

Therefore, we need to stop talking like we only know God from an old dusty book. We need to shake people up and knock them out of their comfort zone. I know that God is real because I have touched Him, physically, and God has touched me, physically. (And why have I had those experiences? See the discussion of “yes,” above. The more you say “yes,” the tiniest hint of God’s presence will grow stronger and stronger. I just said “yes” a lot.)

As part of provoking people to jealousy, and opening their mind to what is possible, let me answer: “What does God feel like?” People believe that God is just a myth, like the tooth fairy.

Touching God feels like touching a cloud, but with mass. For the scientific skeptic, the presence of God feels like a localized intensification of gravity. When God appears near you or upon you, it feels like gravity has increased in a small spot or area, gently at first. As God’s presence gets stronger and stronger (see the section on “yes” above), the gravity field feels more intense. Imagine touching a cloud that has actual substance and offers physical resistance. That is what it feels like to touch God or to have God touch you, physically, bodily. And this is experienced most often in the nature of a hug from God surrounding you.

The presence of God also feels like pure sweetness and love. Again, that starts with the faintest hint and grows the more you tell God you want His presence. The Holy Spirit can feel like a gentle mist of rain like honey or like a cloud of energy, light, and sweetness next to you. (God is of course everywhere, but when God chooses to interact with someone, His general background presence intensifies in a particular location in order to interact with us more clearly.)

This author submits that it is impossible for anything inside the natural creation to prove the existence of a supernatural God existing outside of our universe. You cannot prove God’s existence by reasoned argument or scholarship. Imagine beings who live inside a sealed room with no windows. How could they prove what was beyond those walls? Nothing inside could prove what is outside.

But our role and responsibility is to let people know that there is a God, that there is someone there for them to reach out to. If we don’t talk like God is real, how can we expect them to search for God? Ultimately, each person must engage in his or her own individual search for God. Each person must find God for himself. You cannot find God for someone else. They have to do that themselves. But we must tell them that there is someone out there whom they really ought to meet.

Jonathon Moseley is a co-host on the Conservative Commandos Radio Show broadcasting in Philadelphia on WNJC 1360 and an activist with the Northern Virginia Tea Party. He supports his political habit working as a real estate agent and occasional lawyer in Virginia.


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