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America’s 239-Year Trip from Liberty to Decadence


Just as we in the United States were preparing for the annual celebration, marking the most amazing national experiment in liberty, our nation was mortally wounded.

But make no mistake about its source as it was administered by our own hand and is far more devastating than any external adversary could inflict. The very center of our nation raced to embrace ideas completely contrary to the created order. Those entrusted with the stewardship of our government, drank a lie and have now drunkenly dragged our entire nation into deception branded as truth.

Twice in one week our highest court, having no authority to make law, twisted clear meanings of words to create law out of thin air. When words in law are allowed to take on any meaning, none of our rights as Americans are secure. Truly, we live in an “ends justifies the means” time. Our founding documents were not forged to guarantee particular ends, but rather the means by which we may live free lives to forge our own, individual ends. Yet as of last week, the clear meanings of the laws defining our liberty were thrown aside by an “all-powerful” government of humans presuming themselves superior to nature and nature’s God.

A few thousand years ago our Creator God cast a rainbow in the sky as a sign He would never again destroy mankind with a flood. Thus the rainbow signified God’s protection of, patience with, commitment to and love for humankind, His highest creation. Those who mock the very creation of man, by openly parading unnatural, destructive, unbounded sexuality in streets, legislative bodies and courts, have stolen that very symbol and use it to represent defiance against God and His amazing creation. With God’s symbol of love for His creation, the mockers force their out-of-control perverse sensual ways on our entire nation and beyond, trampling over anyone who dares to question the wisdom of their path. The freedom to express rational thought is all but gone in America today.

Prior to the flood, which is solidly supported by fossil records and anthropological findings throughout the world, man was on a suicidal path. The flood saved mankind from extinction when God put Noah, his family and animals of all species on a very literal floating zoo. He put them on as male and female pairs, not male and male or female and female.

The evil so blatantly paraded in recent years by ISIS and other killers of the innocent has helped me understand why God had to wipe out mankind to save mankind. While we strive against such evil, we must come to terms that we as a nation are not without innocent blood on our hands. Indeed we have “legally” snuffed out over 50 million innocent American lives in the past 40 years by abortion. That is equivalent to wiping out twice the population of Vermont every year; almost 3500 little lives every day for forty straight years!

And while America has a history with its own stains, God’s hand has certainly been active in our nation. July 4, 1776 America was conceived by proclaiming that mankind was indeed a creation of God and that our Creator endowed us with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. England, with the most powerful military at the time, was defeated by volunteering colonists.

And our 1787 Constitution rests on many Biblical principles, among them the value of the individual person and a clear understanding that man cannot handle power, which is why our federal government was framed as a very limited and divided three-branch government with checks to try to protect against man’s unquenchable thirst for power. The flag, with a star for each state, represents separate experiments in representative self-government.

That also is a division of power between the states and the federal government. Sadly that no longer represents our nation for the concept of separate stars has essentially been replaced by a huge blob of out-of-control power and corruption, centralized in the federal government.

Many of our nation’s framers made clear that a nation of free people could only survive as long as the people internally embraced God’s instructions for human behavior. Operating outside of God’s design is sure to fail, as demonstrated by the horrific carnage wrought by the evil of legalizing slavery.

It was in that environment, of personal property rights, individual liberty and a culture that largely embraced Biblical teaching that Americans were naturally encouraged to be all they could be. By the 1940s America was powerful enough to simultaneously defeat two huge forces of destruction on two fronts, and America was the key to restoring the nation of Israel, fulfilling unimaginable biblical prophecy written thousands of years prior.

Indeed God had a purpose for America and He created America for that purpose, part of which was to bring about the restoration of the nation of Israel. What other nation from the Old Testament era has been torn apart, scattered around the world and then brought back together? Surely God’s hand brought that about and America played a leading role.

Americans, of their own free will, have also brought God’s message of true liberty all over the globe. That true liberty has been on display in the lives of Christians murdered by violent followers of Islam. The right to pursue happiness, as penned in the Declaration of Independence, was not about sensual pleasures, but rather to seek true liberty, through the freedom as individuals to search out our Creator and live in united harmony with Him.

That effort can certainly be made more difficult when fraudulent ideas are forced on society. If left unchecked, fraudulent ideas will take root and shape the culture and it does not take but a generation or two to completely flip a culture on its head. Indeed a huge portion of our nation has flipped, trading ideas consistent with Biblical teaching for false and destructive ideas. If there were any doubt, last week’s Supreme Court decisions took that away. We are trading ideas that liberate humanity for ideas that enslave humanity.


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