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(RNS1-sept24) The God Loves Gays Billboard Project launched Aug. 9, 2014 on the crowdfunding site Indeigogo and a billboard reading "God Loves Gays," with a cartoon God peaking out of white fluffy clouds and a giant rainbow, went up on Sept. 8, 2014 in Topeka, Kan. For use with RNS-TOPEKA-GOD, transmitted on September 24, 2014, Religion News Service photo by Sally Morrow.

Homosexual Fakes Support by Defaming Local Churches


(1 min Audio Report – Freedom’s Call)

Liberty Counsel demands a public apology from a homosexual activist in Michigan who posted large signs indicating that many local churches supported homosexuality.

Some churches received no warning. others got a letter demanding they adopt his position on homosexuality and appear at his event.

He claimed that if they did not respond stopping him, that would be treated as permission to use the churches’ names.

If homosexuals had the support they claim, they wouldn’t feel the need to make fake support claims.


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