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Announcing BarbWire Books Publishing Company!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE is pleased to announce the creation of BarbWire Books and the appointment of Tristan Alexander Emmanuel as CFO and managing publisher.

“Tristan has been a near and dear friend of mine for nearly nine years and we have collaborated on several projects relating to the ongoing culture war,” said Matt Barber, founder of and CEO of BarbWire Books.

“Still, more important than our mutual admiration and friendship is the fact that Tristan shares a deep-rooted commitment to the Lord and to the Christian worldview. He and I both agree that now, more than ever, BarbWire is relevant to our troubled times and needs to up the ante.”

BarbWire Books is committed to publishing hard-hitting, culturally relevant e-Books and Books from its family of BarbWire contributors and columnists and other top-notch Christian thinkers and leaders.

“There is a growing need to offer likeminded social conservatives and Bible-believing Christians truth, sincerity, penetrating cultural analysis and a clarion call to Godly engagement in these ‘days that are evil,’” said Emmanuel.

Many of the initial releases will be short, low-cost e-Books consisting of three to five chapters on subject matter ranging from America’s moral abyss, to Islamic terrorism, the economy, history and what it means to be a man in today’s emasculated America. BarbWire Books also plans to release paper back and hard cover books as demand dictates.

“We recognize that there are other excellent Christian and conservative groups, websites and publishers. Even so, I’ve always maintained that you can never have too much of a good thing. BarbWire has grown exponentially since its inception and continues to develop a larger audience. In recognition of this growth, BarbWire is pleased to publish some of our columnists, who offer our brand of unique prophetic zeal, righteous passion and penetrating cultural analysis,” continued Emmanuel.

BarbWire Books’ very first e-Book, Shattering Liberal Lies About the Bible: Vol 1: Is God A Slave Master? by BarbWire contributor and pastor Jeff Allen, will be released sometime this Summer.

“This is the first volume in a series of e-Books we plan to release dealing with the overabundance of distortions, misrepresentations and outright lies about the Bible liberals use to justify their anti-Christian cultural agenda. It is one of the aims of BarbWire to offer faithful Christians and conservatives a selection of practical apologetics to assist them contend for truth, tradition and liberty,” concluded Emmanuel.

“I couldn’t be more excited about what God has allowed us to accomplish with our incredible stable of Godly men and women at,” said Barber. “We’re extremely excited to see how He will now use BarbWire Books to His own glory and honor.”


Be on the lookout for BarbWire Books’ soon to be released e-Book Shattering Liberal Lies About the Bible: Vol 1: Is God A Slave Master?

In the meantime, be sure to visit’s bookstore and take advantage of some books released by BarbWire Books imprint publishing firm – Freedom Press. These are books written mostly by Canadian conservatives who have already experienced the shock and cultural rot of antinomian, anti-Christian cultural Marxism since the turn of the century.

“If American’s want an example of just how bad things can get, they need only turn to the North and gain from these sister imprint books a sobering forecast of what is coming – that is, unless by God’s grace, American Christians wake up and take back their country,” said Emmanuel.

Look for these titles on’s bookstore. As an added bonus, when you purchase one of these books you’ll be contributing to For every book you buy, will receive a small finder’s fee back from Amazon.


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