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Hood County Courthouse

We Can Clerk It Out!


If you’re wondering what could possibly stand between same-sex “marriage” and America, try hundreds of county clerks.

Liberty Institute says “hundreds” of emails are streaming in from local officials who refuse to issue licenses to gay couples or participate in the unions that violate their faith. In Nebraska, a single clerk in Sioux County may be all it takes to trigger the state’s first lawsuit. “I must warn you that this issue is a high priority for the ACLU,” its attorneys threatened Michele Zimmerman, “and we will consider legal action to enforce the law.”

Unfortunately, that scenario is already playing out all over the country, as more Christians stand up and demand the same tolerance liberals already enjoy. Casey Davis, who is one of several clerks facing jail time in Kentucky for daring to believe what President Obama did three years ago, is lashing out at Governor Steve Beshear (D) for not providing “some relief” for state workers with moral objections.

“I did not take an oath that said I would lay my personal feelings down to do this job nor will I ever do that,” Davis vowed. Like us, he shakes his head at the Beshear’s order that government employees ignore their First Amendment rights — especially on the eve of the Fourth of July, when Americans are supposed to celebrate their independence from tyranny.

“To me, that puts me in a prison and it puts government on the wrong side of, as our Declaration [of Independence] states, the laws of nature,” Davis said in the letter.

Nearby Alabama has problems of its own, now that federal judges are trying to twist the arms of local courthouses. In many areas, the state had stopped issuing licenses altogether. But if that continues, the courts warn, more clerks face jail time, fines, and — as one LGBT activist promises — charges of contempt.

In Texas, where county officials are lucky to have the strong backing of their governor, Greg Abbott (R) and Attorney General Ken Paxton, the outside persecution continues. Our friends at Texas Values are rallying behind Hood County’s Katie Lang after she started receiving death threats for her stand. In a statement, Katie was clear: “I am grateful that the First Amendment continues to protect the sincerely held religious beliefs of public servants like me. That has not changed since last Friday.”

Despite the fact that local officials are offering other clerks to serve same-sex couples, gay activists are on a mission to ruin Lang’s life, career, reputation, and sense of safety. Our good friend Jonathan Saenz refuses to let that happen. “We will not stand by and watch as LGBT radicals try to destroy the guarantees of the First Amendment of our Constitution and ruin the personal lives of Texans who support marriage between one man and one woman. We will not be silent. We will proudly rise up with the timeless colors of red, white and blue as our backdrop, for God and country.”


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