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Denver Nuggets of Conservative Wisdom


Like many conservative leaders, I was in Colorado when the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage came down.

The timing of the Western Conservative Leadership Summit, during such a critical moment in our nation, was significant. There, in the heart of our movement, I was able to speak to the importance of not giving up on an issue that FRC had championed for 32 years — and that some moderate Republicans are anxious to abandon at the Court’s steps.

“We are beset by troubles on every side,” I told the audience, “As Americans today, it seems, we can choose which sex we want to be on a given day, but we can’t choose the health care plan we want to buy for our families. We can exercise our religious freedom within the walls of our churches for a few hours a week, but we cannot bring our religious values into the public square — our parental roles, our businesses relationships and our policy commitments — the places where we spend the vast majority of our lives.”

But those threats pale in comparison to the greatest one we face — the threat from within ourselves: That we will concede the debates before us, give up the rights we have inherited, and abandon the legacy of American freedom bequeathed to us through the blood and sacrifice of parents…”

As I said on Saturday, now is the time to stand tall. We treasure our religious heritage and our right to worship. But our religious liberty is not merely a harbor of refuge; it is a port from which we sail.

It is not a place of retreat; it is a starting point for individual and national renewal. And on it, we will not yield.


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