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Genesis 2 marriage

Divorcing Marriage

By servative

Now that the Supreme Court has decided for the rest of us who may marry whom, I guess we don’t have to hear about the personal problems of homosexuals ever again, right?

No? I was afraid of that.

Some people are never happy.

Take that little tiff with the Confederate flag the other day. The flag rightfully came down, but the frenzy that followed was embarrassing. What to do with my Dukes of Hazard mini-car? BURN IT, RACIST! What nonsense.

The golden ring of “marriage equality” comes at great cost because in reality there can be no such thing. Someone or something is always being discriminated for with any action – that’s the point of taking action in the first place.

I have little to add to the trepidations and objections of better analysts than I, except this…

The Supreme Court did not actually redefine marriage.

I have previously observed that civil marriages, since the 1970s, are actually hetero-sexual civil unions. Divorced of its religious and moral components, what is left of marriage but “a piece of paper?”

This used to be a cynical complaint, but now it’s the truth. These “marriages” can be dissolved at will by either party for any reason – that’s a contract, not a marriage. This worm has been turning for a long time.

The Supreme Court, by declaring that same-sex couples are entitled to marry, only completes our social transition from marriage to…

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