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BETRAYED! The Supreme Court Was Completely Wrong – Illegal and UN CONSTITUTIONAL


The Ruling on June 16, 2015 to impose gay marriage on all 50 states is a middle finger in every way to God, our Constitution and laws. It is a middle finger against our children, state sovereignty, freedom of speech and Religious rights.

The Supreme Court forcing mandating gay marriage down our throats means war, retreat or sell out. Which side are you on America? They threw it in our faces, our radio shows, our jobs, our schools and our churches.

Already many are coming out applauding the SCOTUS Gay marriage ruling. Gov. Gary Johnson applauds this saying that this is a huge victory for individual freedom and equality.

Obama must be partying up a storm at the White House with two unbelievable victories from SCOTUS with Obamacare now Gay marriage. The destruction and transformation of America is almost complete – now at the hands of Obama’s assault weapon – SCOTUS.

We have been forced to respond now or shut up. There is no place safe if you believe marriage should be between a man and a woman as reflected in our history, the Holy Bible, and traditions. This ruling was not for gays or gay marriage, but vividly against Christians, Religious and speech liberties. It is against Judeo-Christian values, families and traditions. Tragically it is against our children.

Get ready for the full on sell out among many in media and churches who run in fear when their 501c3 is threatened or they are threatened with fines or arrests when exercising free speech on this matter. This will get ugly, very messy and I pray not bloody. The Supreme Court has assaulted illegally, unconstitutionally and immorally God and the people. Now we push back and show them what an American finger in their nose feels like. America is about to bring it SCOTUS.

Marriage was defined by God in the Holy Bible as between a man and a woman. Our country – Constitution – founding documents and legal system was built on Judeo-Christian values. Now, SCOTUS has changed that and thinks they are above God, the people and Constitution. Perhaps Obama, SCOTUS and the ACLU should find God and sue him. I invite them to try. I will make sure I’m at that court date.

At this point SCOTUS has lowered themselves to the level of a boot scrape on the pavement where Dogs do their ‘business.’

Battle plans are emerging. Keep posted at and read the articles and plans coming forth at under Constitutional attorney Michael Connelly.

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