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Trans-Reptile Peter Singer Slithers Back into Hot Water


I regret to announce that Peter Singer has opened his mouth again.

Peter Singer, for those who don’t know, is a moral philosopher famous for spreading a philosophy which is totally immoral.

Singer repeatedly draws the ire of pro-life and disability rights activists for his views in support of abortion, infanticide, and non-voluntary euthanasia. But this, of course, does not hurt his standing in academia.

He continues to hold his position as Ira W. DeCamp professor of Bioethics at Princeton University.

And why shouldn’t he?

After all, Singer is the author of Animal Liberation (1975), a classic work of the left and the manifesto of the animal rights movement. He coined the term “speciesism,” his derogatory designation for the Judeo-Christian belief in the sanctity of human life.

In an interview with a Swiss newspaper published last month, Singer elucidated his views:

Why should all members of the species Homo sapiens have a right to life and other species not? This idea arises only from our religious heritage. We have been taught for centuries that man was created in the image of God and that God has given us dominion over the animals.

It’s strange that Singer never accuses any other species of “speciesism.” It seems to refer specifically to Christians. But surely the mosquitoes that are constantly biting me all summer are speciesist, too? In fact, I’ve known many mosquitoes in my life who were terribly bigoted.

Singer is actually a big promoter of speciesist hatred. He just wants to make sure we all hate the right species—namely, ourselves.

In the same Swiss interview, he was asked what he would do if a hypothetical house was on fire and he had the choice to save either a baby or two hundred pigs. He answered that, if he could correctly ascertain how great their suffering was, he’d go with the pigs.

Some readers might find this reasoning incomprehensible. But it becomes perfectly understandable once you realize that Singer is actually trans-species. Although it is not a matter of public knowledge, it is quite clear to me that for many years now Mr. Singer has been transitioning to lizard.

Bruce Jenner has claimed that his brain is really more female than male. I think it is high-time for Peter Singer to “come out” and reveal that his brain is really more reptilian than mammalian. I won’t judge him!

Consider, for example, Mr. Singer’s position on infanticide. He has said that it would be “ethical” to withhold medical treatment from a newborn infant with disabilities. Some of you might get a bit “judgey” about a thing like that, but I support Peter’s choice to identify as cold-blooded.

In an essay he wrote in 2001, Singer condoned bestiality on the condition that the sex be “mutually satisfying” for both man and beast. Again, this might seem like a bizarre condition to you, but not once you accept that Peter is a beast trapped inside a man’s body. He knows that prudery is common among us cis-species folk (or, those who identify with the genus of their birth).

In explaining his ideas, Singer once said that, “All we are doing is catching up with Darwin. He showed in the nineteenth century that we are simply animals.” This is because, unlike most people who say they believe in evolution, Singer reasons consistently (as reptilian brains are wont to do).

If mankind is the product of unguided evolution, then this means mankind was not created. If mankind was not created, we can’t claim to have been made in the Creator’s image and likeness. This means that our distinctions between humans and animals are completely arbitrary and ultimately indefensible.

Luckily for me, I don’t believe in Mr. Darwin’s fairy tale—mostly because there’s no evidence for it. But I do think this does help explain why Singer is so obsessed with the book of Genesis—because he so badly wants to knock human beings off their high-horse. He is, after all, a talking snake.


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