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Rebel Flag Removal? Okay, Rainbow Flags Are Next


As we near the celebration of the birth of America, let’s extend respect to all our citizens, including faithful Christians.

Recognizing that slavery is an inhumane act of discrimination, and that the confederate flag may serve as a painful symbol of that tragic era of American history, our leaders should also admit that the promotion of homosexuality is creating a major rift in the fabric of our nation.

We are seeing an unjustified war against the 51 million Americans who voted for man/woman marriage on state ballots. But the reality of marriage remains as elemental as the rising of the sun each day.

Same sex relationships will never be marriage, regardless of what any court decides. The identity and behavior of homosexuality can never be the basis of an authentic union between two people.

Still, a rebel flag flies on some government buildings and some of our embassies as a symbol of hatred. Sexual morality and authentic marriage are despised by those who wave the rainbow flag, which is even waved in front of schoolchildren as an illegitimate banner of “civil rights,” although it’s the opposite. It’s the logo of a war being waged against virtue, against the reality of male/female biology and against the witness of Jesus Christ.

It’s time to lower the rainbow flag everywhere. God created the rainbow as a sign of hope (Genesis 9:12-17). But homosexual political operatives have captured this symbol as an unauthorized expression of “pride.” Well, rainbows accompanying this depravity are as unfitting as the term “gay,” and it’s time for Christians to demand recognition of the offense involved and a permanent retraction.

Proud homosexuals don’t love God. They take pride in disobedience. Therefore, these rebels have no right to the rainbow, period.

So, let’s demand that no more rainbow flags fly above our federal agencies. No more hateful colors on our embassies, or on the Pentagon website. And it’s time for retailers with a conscience to stop selling rainbow- adorned “gay” merchandise and show respect and sensitivity to the outcry of concerned families and parents.

Walmart, for instance, sells a wide array of rainbow-decorated merchandise specifically supporting “gay” political interests. The retail giant even sells books for children that feature themes of homosexual indoctrination. The corporation has become a big supporter of the “LGBT” agenda and is even a “platinum sponsor” of the New York City homosexual pride parade.

Walmart, Ebay, Amazon and others have decided to discontinue sales of confederate flag merchandise. Shouldn’t the same apply to rainbow-adorned “LGBT” items?

Our federal agencies don’t fly a confederate flag or the flag of any other country. Yet they hoist rainbow flags regularly under the Obama administration, especially during the “pride” month of June.

If the confederate flag truly causes pain to some black Americans, well, understood. Where’s the understanding for Christian Americans who are victims of the newly empowered bigotry of “gay” activists? The lost jobs, the closed businesses, the ruined reputations, the children corrupted? It’s the beginning of sorrows and won’t end unless those with a conscience intervene.

Picture yourself as an American in 1861. A raging debate was taking place over a very contentious issue. A significant portion of the corporate world supported it . Many people’s jobs depended on going along with it, and quite a few thought, “It’s not a big deal, and I really don’t want to get involved.”

But in 1861, the first shots fired in South Carolina started the American civil war over the issue of slavery. Southern cotton growers and the industrial mills of the northeast depended on cheap slave labor. Cotton was the largest export of the U.S. and the southern U.S. was at that time the largest cotton producer in the world.

In spite of the growing outcry created by Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin and other voices of conscience, it wasn’t just the South that stood solidly behind this inhumane practice. The North had significant segments of the population with vested interests in this grave evil.

And the Confederate flag flew over the Southern Army under Robert E. Lee as these soldiers fought against brothers and cousins in states just over the Mason-Dixon line. The North went to war, but many soldiers weren’t all that enthusiastic because they were ambivalent about slavery. Still, they obeyed their president, who sent them to war because it was the right thing to do.

If only we had that kind of leadership now in Washington as we had in Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, who delivered the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863.

We need an Emancipation Proclamation now to free America from the tyranny of sodomy.

Corporations claim that by not slapping rainbow-illuminated endorsements on the behavior of sodomy among employees, they will miss out on hiring “the best and brightest.” Those of us feeling the loss of jobs, businesses, reputation, income, freedom to raise children with responsible values and freedom to live out our faith, would beg to differ that these generators of deviance, hostility and division are the “best and brightest.” The leaders of “LGBT rights” are often the most anti-Christian and manipulative employees around and they put any company where they work at legal and ethical risk.

Oppressors should not be welcomed in any respected company in America and yet this is what too many out and proud “gay” employees in reality are. Would you hire a person who would clap gleefully as a Christian couple is sent to jail? That’s the character of the people leading this parade.

I visited Gettysburg recently and was reminded once more about how evil can become natural in a country, and even be quite comfortably accommodated– except, of course, for those whose safety and freedom are in jeopardy.

Slavery was and is (since it is still a practiced in some parts of the world) a reprehensible practice. It became a natural thread in the fabric of our southern culture, just as “pride” parades are becoming big business for most major cities in America, just as corporations are allowing “gay” employees to have favored status while faithful Christians are silenced and demeaned, demoted and dismissed.

But when the truth comes out, “LGBT” lifestyles will ultimately be revealed to be a destructive blight on our nation, and if our president won’t lead and stand up for virtue, other Americans must stand in the gap and do so.

Homosexuality needs to be seen for what it is: a grave sin, a depraved lifestyle, and an oppressive threat to truth, liberty, family and faith.

And so, the theft of the rainbow needs to be confronted and it needs to end. No more rainbow flags, America!


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