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Conservatives Denounce Confederate Flag; Open Door to Condemning America


Conservatives and Republicans have declared that the Confederate flag must go because it is a symbol of racism.

In doing so, they have opened the door to condemning America and calls to remove of all symbols of our country and her founding.

The U.S. is in a national security crisis.

The Chinese are engaging in a cyber-espionage campaign that is massively damaging national security. Obama and his allies continue demoralizing the armed forces by sodomizing them. The U.S. is losing every war in the Middle East. Russia is advancing in Europe and around the world. Illegal aliens invade, occupy, and take over the U.S. all the while they are nearly free to murder American citizens without consequence.

There also is the staggering national debt, the slaughtering of the unborn, and the sexual mutilation and assaulting of children that threatens the nation. But never mind all these things. The ruling class has decided the Confederate flag is the most important issue of the day.

Republican Governor Nikki Haley gave a speech calling for the removal of the Confederate flag from state capitol grounds. She capitulated to media agitation and propaganda which says that Dylann Roof murdering nine people means the flag is an undeniable symbol of racism which must be banished.

Other GOP and conservative leaders have accepted this premise too and in doing so they have triggered the one-day transformation of the Confederate flag from a common item to a nationally banned and reviled symbol.

Of course, the autotheists have given neither Haley nor the GOP credit for the decision to do what the autotheists say had to be done even as they chose never to do it. Instead, they are doing what they always do: they are ignoring their own inaction even as they deride and attack the GOP and conservatives with renewed fury.

And so the GOP and conservatives have lost yet again.

Furthermore, they opened the door that will allow autotheists to condemn foundational America and call for removing all symbols of it from the nation. After all, the Founding Fathers had slaves and the autotheists will focus on this as they endlessly push their narrative that foundational America is evil. And the GOP and conservatives will eventually accept this narrative and join in endorsing the destruction of all remnants of American heritage.

In fact, autotheists are already moving towards this end.

Apart from the talk about removing Confederate symbols and people publicly displayed anywhere — from license plates, to the Mississippi flag, to military installations named after Confederates — there is already talk of removing the Jefferson Memorial.

And so the serious effort to demonize foundational America begins.

So congratulations to Governor Nikki Haley, the GOP, and the conservative establishment. They have emboldened autotheists and given them ammo to complete the destruction of America.

Expect in the not-too-distant future to see demands for the banishment of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and any other remaining reminders of foundational America. And expect the GOP and the conservative establishment to agree with them.


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