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Congress Gets a Faith Lift


You’ve heard of paying it forward, but what about “faithing” it forward?

Starting today, Rep. Randy Forbes (R-Va.) and the entire Congressional Prayer Caucus are spreading the world about a brand-new initiative that both parties can get behind. Tired of the attacks on religious liberty, several members are fighting back with a positive message about what the church is doing to help communities where they need it most.

Through “Faith It Forward,” the Caucus is inviting Americans from all across the country to share inspiring stories about how people of faith are making a difference in society.

On last night’s “Washington Watch,” Rep. Forbes explained that the new website “will be a clearinghouse for people all across the country for people to tell their stories of what is happening today and how faith is changing the world.”

Using social media, the group hopes to reach young people, in particular, with the message of how vital faith is to serving the less fortunate.

“You’ll see some of these anti-faith groups — they always love to tell the stories about particular individuals that they say were discriminating or something happened that was kind of extreme,” Rep. Forbes explained, “but they don’t tell the story about all of the wonderful people of faith who are just changing the world. There are people out there who are doing great things in adoption, helping the poor… in our prisons, other faith ministries… That’s the narrative we need to be telling in this country. And hopefully, if we do that, we can push back on this anti-faith narrative.”

Help the Prayer Caucus by sharing your own story. Click over to the special Facebook page at Faith It Forward!


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