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The One Issue that Will Decide the 2016 GOP Primary


If the Rainbow Jihad really believes it is on “the right side of history”, then why does it lie so much?

And when I use the word “lie,” understand I don’t mean the all-too-typical obfuscations and stretching of the truth we’ve sadly come to expect from our political class. I’m talking outright, utterly baseless, and intentionally deceptive and dishonest lies. Otherwise known as full-fledged propaganda that only a true Marxist could love.

You might recall some of their greatest hits?

  • “How will someone else’s same-sex marriage affect your marriage?”
  • “No one is going to lose their freedom because we gave the LGBT community the freedom to marry.”
  • “If you don’t believe in same-sex marriage then don’t participate in one.”
  • “What two consenting adults decide to do in their own bedroom isn’t your business.”

One of the absolute sweetest couples I know, Dick and Betty Odgaard, can personally testify to the familiar talking points/total lies of the Rainbow Jihad. They’ve seen the new “tolerance” in living color, and they can tell you there isn’t a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. Only tyranny and tears.

The Odgaards are Mennonite Christians and soon to be the former owners of Gortz Haus Gallery in Iowa.

They will be closing their doors for good at the end of August, and all because they committed the atrocity of following their faith by denying marriage service to homosexuals who wanted to use their facility for their wedding.

Obviously out of their deep commitment to tolerance and diversity, the homosexual couple went to the Iowa Civil Rights Commission to sic the coercive power of government on the Odgaards. Between the ensuing investigation, fines, and bad media publicity, the Odgaards have been driven out of business — because fewer jobs is exactly what a country with a world-record 93 million unemployed really needs.

Keep in mind this happened in a state whose legal code still only defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman, and it was propagated by an Iowa Civil Rights Commission that reports directly to Iowa’s allegedly Republican governor. This didn’t happen in the people’s republic of California. This didn’t happen in “pro-lifers aren’t welcome here” New York. This happened right here in the heartland.

The Rainbow Jihad is sending liberty-loving Americans a message with stories like the Odgaards’, and the message is you will be made to care no matter where you live and what you believe. The Odgaards aren’t even an outlier. Search for “religious liberty” at the Heritage Foundation’s website and a litany of stories nationwide similar to the Odgaards comes up.

In America you have the choice not to provide certain services if it violates your terms of service.

The Odgaards are living proof the Rainbow Jihad is a movement of liars. It is, as Ted Cruz recently said, “liberal fascism.”  The Odgaards had their marriage negatively affected by somebody else’s same-sex “marriage.” The Odgaards lost their freedom to conduct private business. They decided not to participate in a same-sex marriage, and instead of being left alone, were persecuted by their own government — with not even their Republican governor lifting a finger to help them. And whatever two consenting adults were doing in their bedrooms was forced to be the Odgaards’ business.

But Steve, some of you may ask, aren’t you supporting discrimination? Actually, those supporting what happened to the Odgaards are the ones guilty of discrimination here.

In America you have the choice not to provide certain services if it violates your terms of service. For example, a crowd-funding campaign was started to support Aaron and Melissa Klein, who lost their business for the same reason the Odgaards lost theirs. However, GoFundMe shut down the effort because they claimed it violated their terms of service. Why isn’t that discrimination then?

Furthermore, is a Jewish deli owner guilty of discrimination for failing to serve non-Kosher foods? Recently a pro-homosexual cake baker refused to bake a cake with a Biblical message about homosexuality. Why isn’t that discrimination? If a black caterer doesn’t want to serve a white supremacist group celebrating Dylann Roof, is he guilty of discrimination? If a homosexual print shop owner refuses to print Westboro’s hate speech, is that not discrimination?

The answer is supposed to be no. This is about service, not people. In these examples, the businesses are serving all people until someone walks in and demands they perform a service that violates their terms of service/conscience. And the only businesses not allowed to stand by such a code of conduct are apparently owned by Christians.

Many had hoped that we settled this matter in last year’s Hobby Lobby case, but it appears the Rainbow Jihad has as much regard for the rule of law as it does for the truth. Which is to say not very much.

This is why religious freedom is going to be the new watershed vetting issue in the 2016 GOP presidential primary. My state’s Republican governor is living proof that just because someone has an “R” after their name doesn’t automatically mean they have any more reverence for the Constitution than the Democrat does.

And stop already with the “but at least he’s good on limited government issues” horse puckey, because my weak-kneed Republican governor has also presided over the biggest state budgets and most tax increases in Iowa history.

Politicians that can’t be trusted to protect your most fundamental freedoms such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness can’t be trusted with your money, either.

One final thing. I urge you to share the Odgaards’ story with all your libertarian friends as well. You’ll find out quickly who is really for liberty and who is for the same way of life the Democrats want but only with more guns and more weed. And if the same people who always respond every time you post something on Facebook about Rand Paul are silent here, you’ll have your answer.

Those so-called “libertarians” aren’t your allies. Instead, they’ll be the ones holding the jail cell open for the Rainbow Jihad when they shove us inside. For our own good, though, of course.

First published at Conservative Review




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