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feminist oppressive biology

Oppressive Biology


Feminist Tumblr attracts strange people with strange ideas, which they feel compelled to share with the world.

Megan is 20 years old and her Tumblr profile begins by telling your her Myers Briggs personality type: INTP — introversion, intuition, thinking, perceiving.

Why do so many Tumblr feminists list their Myers Briggs type? I don’t know. It’s a thing.

Here’s another thing: You have to specify exactly what kind of feminist you are, describe your quirky traits and/or mental disorders, and also your sexuality. So we learn that Megan is an “Anti-porn and Anti-Capitalist Feminist . . . oblivious nerd girl, compulsive procrastinator, straight asexual.

Excuse me, straight asexual?

You almost wish these people would get their Tumblr profiles printed out as T-shirts, to warn away any sane person who might accidentally encounter them in real life. Fluorescent orange or yellow shirts with “TUMBLR FEMINIST” in large black letters on the back, with their Myers Brigg type, sexuality and other relevant information on the front.

“INFJ, butch lesbian, intersectional feminist, eating disorders, chronic depression, blogs way too many Taylor Swift photos.”

This system would not only help Tumblr feminists find each other in the real world, but it would also help the rest of us avoid them. You’d be walking through the mall or riding the subway and see one of those T-shirts and know to keep your distance, so as not to have to deal with any of their unpredictable craziness.

This system would be especially helpful to young single guys at college. “Oh, she’s a Tumblr Feminist. Better not speak to her or she’ll accuse me of misogynistic harassment.”

Anyway, what drew my attention to Megan’s blog was this:

“Hey, body, I have no interest in producing a child
now or ever, so it’s pretty sadistic of you to
put me through this every month. Thanks.”

Alas, the curse of having a reproductive system when you’re an asexual nerd girl feminist with “no interest” in reproduction!

Darwinian theorists must pause to wonder how it is that evolution could produce so many human beings who lack normal instincts, so that it is all but guaranteed that they will leave behind no descendants.

Fortunately, as a Christian, I can find the correct explanation in the Bible.

“Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools . . .”

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