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The Face of Hate


Bias and prejudice are demonic tools used by the ultimate oppressor to spread misery and hate.

The physical distinctiveness and outward uniqueness of the individual produces barriers that fuel the fires of our natural depravity.

 Our faith is being tested as mankind’s propensity toward evil knows no bounds.

The atrocities that lie in the hearts of men are exploited to advance and unleash the sinister schemes of the pagan gods of this world. Ultimately, there are carnal treasures and worldly wisdom to be had as the balance of power continues to shift in a highly vulnerable direction.

Political and ideological motives stir the pot and feed the monster. In the end, a killer is born.

The senseless acts of Dylann Roof are a tragic picture of unrestrained and misguided fury built on a satanic foundation of lies. The manipulation and perversion of information will ultimately reap anarchy and chaos. Order may restore but it will come at a steep price.

Personal vitality will succumb to bondage as the speaker of truth is increasingly bound and gagged.

The terminal consequence of sin dwells deep within all of us.

No fear, coercion or propaganda can tame the human condition.

We are failing our test, but there shall come a time when all these seeds of dissent and senseless divisions will melt away. The solution is to be had in the precious object of mercy and love.

Once He is claimed, the barriers and obstacles shall fade.

Upon His return, peace and unity shall reign.

Until that day, we must fight the lies and press on…


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