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Transgenderism is much in the news, animated in large part by Bruce Jenner’s reportedly air-brushed photograph of himself as a woman on the cover of a leading magazine.

On Wednesday of this week, the New York Times carried an above-the-fold, front page article, complete with an eye-catching photograph, about an 18 year-old boy who now goes by the name of Katharine. It describes the surgery and drug treatments that have caused him to have a body simulating a girl’s.

However, the author notes, given that the surgery took place only within the past year, “It was too late to change some things, like Kat’s tenor voice and facial hair. ‘I hate my voice,’ she said. ‘I shave.’ She chose not to save sperm — to her, a revolting reminder of masculinity — so she cannot have children, the one sacrifice that gave her father a pang.”

The article describes the boy’s physical alteration this way: “The operation involved deconstructing her male genitals and repurposing the nerves and skin as female anatomy.” Historically, this kind of surgery has been rejected by the medical establishment as mutilation.

All Christians should grieve for this young man and his family, and pray they find hope and healing in Christ — the same hope and healing all of us find when we come to know His great love and decide to follow Him.

FRC’s latest publication, “Understanding and Responding to the Transgender Movement,” addresses the many aspects of this phenomenon and includes a seven-page executive summary. It’s available online now and can be downloaded at no cost.

People struggling with their biological identity need counsel and compassion, not surgery, social empowerment or media acclaim. And, like all of us, they need the redeeming grace of a loving Savior. Let’s be sure to extend it to them.


Rob Schwarzwalder
Senior Vice-President,
Family Research Council

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