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Rachel Dolezal

I’m a Shape Shifter and Rolling With It


Our society has all but gone completely nuts.

I knew we were seeing endless gender bending with Bruce Jenner turning himself into a female.

Now we have another story all over the news in Spokane, the country and world. I was shocked to hear that Rachel Dolezal, a peaches and cream, white woman with green eyes had declared she was black. She built a sea of organized and planned out lies around her ‘black’ kingdom.

Dolezal’s adopted black brothers were instead her sons in her lie world. She had black parents who allegedly had abused and beaten her for gender reasons while growing up. Her lies built up detailed stories that would have made a great novel.

However, now her ‘black house of cards’ has fallen dramatically to the ground and she is giving national interviews everywhere apologizing for nothing. It is ‘her’ truth you see.

It is almost as if she had planned the absurdity from the beginning to gain national attention and perhaps plan her next career move. She is black because she says so and not because she is. Reality TV show here we come…

We have transgender, now trans-racial?

Kids in schools are being told more and more that there is no such thing as a boy and girl. Many are told not to even say they are what they always thought they were…a boy or a girl. Add to this now the pushed insanity with racial-bending. I want to be another color, so I am.

The far left and progressive movement are taking even the most basic and factual structures out of our existence…what color we were really born with and what sex we were born with. Now we are neither if we don’t feel like it.

Our society is quickly evolving into a ‘Unitarian’ type tread mill void of sexual classifications, race classifications and any specifics in religion.

All are one. All religions are the same in value and lead to the same God. All are whatever race or sex we wish to be.

This week I am a black, lesbian shape shifter. I wonder if my husband will mind?

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