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When Wrongs Are Rights


Rights: that which is morally correct, just, or honorable

We are all sinners. However, this reality leaves no room for the embrace of lawlessness, whether it be for personal gain or widespread propaganda.

The whole basis behind the personal ‘RIGHTS’ of the individual is the idea that such ‘rights’ is, in fact, a right, as opposed to a wrong.

Sadly, many of the positions championed by liberal progressives do not hold up to scrutiny, decency, and moral certainty. This is why they so readily default in their defense via coordinated smoke screens and media-backed misdirections, as a pure analysis of the issues at hand would prove devastating to their cause.

It’s easier to view abortion rights in the context of a ‘war on women’ since the barbaric mutilation of precious life is nothing short of a tragedy.


But when we embrace God’s absolute standards of life and death, right and wrong, sin and virtue, evil and good, etc., what was once an arbitrarily-derived personal choice becomes a universally established moral imperative.

In such a light, abortion and rights could never make it into the same sentence. How could taking a life, even our own, ever be considered a right?



It’s not so much the legal penalty and civil deterrents that need to be amended in a world gone spiritually rogue; rather, it’s the moral responsibility of divinely created beings that must be reestablished.

If men and women are increasingly prone to abuse and mistreat each other then maybe the problem lies in an embrace of our carnal nature above and beyond the Godly standard of moral obedience.


When a wrong is freely committed does it increase the likelihood of a repeat offense or is public confession and penitential restitution sought? Do further deceptions mark our course or will we seek a righteous path of moral virtue? Will we ultimately stand upright or will it all go entirely wrong?

May we humble ourselves, for when we are meek and tender He is strong. Only when we do can virtue and goodness reign.

In the words of holy wisdom is illumination found and true awakenings born. The Good Book reveals the way…


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