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Secret Fast Track and Trade Bill – not so Secret and America Is Angry


Voting for the TPP is not compromise or ‘throwing a few things in for the greater good.’

It is not helpful in any way to our Republic and the American people. It is complete and vivid betrayal to us all.

What is it then?

It is a 1000 page document and bill about to be slammed into law that is being debated, talked about and concluded in total secrecy. We have the right to know what this bill really is about and what it really means but we have Paul Ryan and other GOP Representative sellouts telling us they will tell the public what is in it just as soon as ‘it’ is passed into law.

The Pelosi ghost (still alive but looking dead) is now not only haunting the GOP but is now inspiring them. It is like the Gambino crime family saying that they will tell us how many bodies are hidden in the restaurant just as soon as they are done with their spaghetti and not before.

What do we know so far

We know this is going to be a carbon copy of the broken and failing EU in Europe, which continues to die a painful death while it steals from the people and ruins economies. Now, if Obama and his progressives have their way…the US will lose its sovereignty and be part of the cult of international personality and controlling blob attached to 12 other countries.

We also know that Obama would have ‘fast track’ authority to completely bypass the Constitutional authority and accountability to the Senate. On certain issues Obama would become a complete dictator and be able to slam things through fast.

For the Congress to even consider the TPP and fast track authority… is complete Constitutional betrayal. This is a middle finger to the people in every way and will drastically hurt our freedoms, economy and sovereignty.

We must tell our Legislators who have put this horror bill forward to stop now before it is too late. Nothing shrouded in secrecy and passed without being read (again) is good for America. Stop – Stop and Stop before it is too late.

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